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We all knew that Wonder Woman would be successful when it hit theaters earlier this year, but nobody was prepared for just how successful the superhero film would become. The latest film in the DCEU received rave reviews from critics and fans alike and smashed box office records around the world. The female superhero flick has been hailed as the film that saved the DCEU and boasts a 92% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite hitting theaters over two months ago, is showing no signs of slowing down as it continues to break more and more records. The film passed $400 million domestic mark this week and, as a result, passed the original Spider-Man film. In a hilarious Instagram video caught on camera by 's stylist Elizabeth Stuart, Gadot celebrated this victory with a song. Check it out below:

Wonder Woman has been a commercial success since the vey beginning. The DCEU film lassoed a whopping $11 million from its initial Thursday night previews alone. Following its official release, the Patty Jenkins movie had the biggest opening weekend ever for a film with a female director. Back in June it was reported that Wonder Woman had earned $103.3 million at the box office, despite previous estimates suggesting it would only earn $65 million.

The film went on to surpass Deadpool at the box office and, now that it has passed $400 million, Warner Bros can write Wonder Woman off as a success story worthy of Diana Prince herself.

Not The First Time Gadot Has Serenaded In Honor Of 'Wonder Woman'

This isn't the first time that Gadot has serenaded about the Amazonian princess. Last month, the actress was featured in a hilarious video that saw her throwing shade at her critics, many of whom judged Gadot and the Wonder Woman character on the size of her bust.

In this instance, Gadot channeled her inner Amazonian princess to sing "the boob is not enough / the breasts are too small" while joked with her, insinuating that he was behind all of the online criticisms, calling her musical moment "great." Check it out below:

Whether it be box office success or deflecting criticism, Gadot and Wonder Woman continue to take the world by storm. As the film climbs higher up the box office ladder, Gadot continues to highlight through these humorous interviews and social media posts that she truly is a real life Wonder Woman.

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