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As Wonder Woman continues crushing box office records, the film's leading lady may have a new job on the horizon. Gal Gadot has proven to be a real-life Amazon warrior and a certain basketball team has taken notice. The Harlem Globetrotters, the long-running exhibition basketball team best known for their entertaining mix of athleticism and comedy, have drafted Gadot in their latest 2017 draft.

The Globetrotters call New York their home but play over 450 worldwide events a year, with 26,000 to date. The team's comedic performance and fan interaction has made for a family-friendly source of entertainment since 1926. Along with the seriously intended draftees who will be playing for a spot, the team has recently expanded their selection to include breakout athletes and sport-crazed celebrities.

So is taking her talents to the courts of New York? Probably not but she still gets an honorary jersey out of the deal. Aside from her impressive work as Wonder Woman and her military background, the 5'10'' actress was a defensive powerhouse on her high school basketball team as the Globetrotters reported with their pick.

Gadot isn't the first celebrity to have been drafted. Actor and well-known basketball fan, Kevin Hart was selected in last year's draft. Hart who happens to be 5'4'', might be a 4-time MVP of the NBA Celebrity All-Star game but who else would love to see him face off with Gadot? She is also up against a few heavy-hitters among her draft class including Yankee's rookie Aaron Judge and former Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow. My bet would still be on Gadot!

Wonder Woman is currently in theaters now!

Would you like to see Gal Gadot join the Globetrotters for a game as an honorary player? Tell us in the comments below!

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