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It's been a few days since the second trailer for landed and a few months since made her first appearance as in , but we're still in awe at how perfect the Israeli actress if for the role. Not only has she shown a deep understanding of the character, she's undergone impressive training to gain the strength worthy of an Amazonian princess.

That effort is even more mind-blowing now that she's revealed that she's expecting her second child with her husband of eight years, Yaron Versano. The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram to announce the news — as if 2017 wasn't exciting enough already with the release of Wonder Woman's solo movie, now Gadot will be welcoming a baby into the world!

Gal Gadot Is Expecting Her Second Child

Gadot shared a picture of her with her husband and the simple caption:

So excited to share this wonder with you...

Back in March, she'd already disclosed to Glamour how much of a wonderful family she had with her husband and their young daughter Alma. She explained that the first thing that changed when she became a mother were her priorities:

I started to choose my battles better.

Of course, it's not always easy to be a mom and an internationally famous actress, but it looks like the couple have it all figured out:

When Alma was around two, I was really anxious about how to travel with a child, moving her from one country to the other, all the different languages. It was my husband who told me: "Gal, think about what kind of a role model you want to be. If you want to show Alma that she can follow her dreams, that's what you should do, and we will figure out the logistics."

On Ellen, Gadot called her daughter the "love of her life" — and it feels like no daughter could wish for a better role model than this real life Wonder Woman!

Congratulate the lucky couple below!

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