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When DC officially launched its cinematic universe in 2016 with Batman v. Superman, no one expected that newbie Gal Gadot would be the one to steal the show in a movie primarily focused on Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. Later, Gadot saved the day yet again, when in the wake of the disastrous Suicide Squad, Gadot and director Patty Jenkins turned the tables by giving the DCEU its first bonafide hit in Wonder Woman.

Gadot's performances in both Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman earned her much critical acclaim, and with being labelled as the best superhero film of all time by some, it certainly makes sense why Warner Bros. values Gadot so much. Now, the actress has shown just how wonderous she is in real life. In a brilliant move, the Wonder Woman actress decided not to return for Wonder Woman 2 unless alleged sexual offender Brett Ratner was kicked off the project.

Gal Gadot Takes A Stand

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.0
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.0

For those who don't know, Ratner has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women, including X-Men stars Ellen Page and Olivia Munn. After the accusations came to light, Warner Bros. severed all ties to Ratner. According to magazine Page Six, Ratner's firing came about because Gadot demanded that Warner Bros. sever ties with the accused producer — who was financing Wonder Woman 2 — or else she'd walk. Gadot's stance left the studio scrambling to find a way to placate its star.

As Warner Bros. is sending Wonder Woman to the Oscars for consideration, nominating Gal Gadot for the Lead Actress award, it would have been a foolish move for them to allow any negative press to surround the film. Even the early reactions to Justice League have indicated that Wonder Woman is yet again the stand-out star of the show, and if Ben Affleck does leave the it may make sense for Gadot to lead the team while the League finds a new Batman. Warner Bros. cutting ties with Ratner proves that the studio is invested keeping their stars happy, thus attracting more big names in the future.

However, Warner Bros. has claimed that although the deal with Ratner's production company, Rat-Pac Entertainment, is set to expire next year and was never intended to include Wonder Woman 2. Whether Warner Bros. is saying thus to cover up their asses, or simply speaking the truth, this story does give us a whole new reason to love Gal Gadot. Just last month the actress shared this short but powerful message on her Instagram page:

Many critics hailed Gadot's Wonder Woman as "the superhero we need right now" and with the actress' Wonder Woman 2 ultimatium, she has proven that she too is the hero we need right now too.

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