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While we all had an idea that Wonder Woman was going to be a hit with theatergoers, nobody could've predicted just how successful the superhero film would become. The latest instalment of the DCEU was both a massive critical and commercial success.

Now that the movie has hit DVD and Blu-ray, we can start preparing for the next wave of films. However, isn't going anywhere, and actress Gal Gadot will be hosting this week's instalment of . NBC has given fans a first look at the actress's upcoming instalment of the variety series.

In the hilarious promo, Gadot channels get inner Amazonian princess as she arrives at the set of Saturday Night Live, knocking down a few bricks in the process, which doesn't go down too well with regular Leslie Jones. Check out the funny promo below:

While Wonder Woman may have saved the DCEU, it's not the only film we're getting from the Warner Bros' franchise this year. (which also features Gadot's Wonder Woman in a leading role) will hit theaters next month and fans are extremely excited because, after releasing a series of new posters, Warner Bros is expected to drop a brand new Justice League trailer this weekend.

Gal Gadot Embraces Her Funnier Side

Gadot's appearance on Saturday Night Live will no doubt add to the excitement of the upcoming DCEU flick, and it's pretty cool to see the actress embracing her funny side once more. Despite her seriousness when playing Diana Prince, Gadot has never been afraid to have a little laugh on on camera.

Last month, the actress took part in a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment that saw several celebrities reading derogatory tweets about themselves. Back in July, Gadot was featured in a hilarious video that saw her throwing shade at her critics, many of whom judged the actress and the Wonder Woman character on the size of her bust.

Additionally, when Wonder Woman hit the $400 million domestic mark, Gadot celebrated with a song and a dance, and the happy event was caught on camera by Gadot's stylist Elizabeth Stuart. Check it out below:

Gal Gadot clearly enjoys a laugh and we can't wait to see what happens when the Wonder Woman actress hosts Saturday Night Live. If we've learned anything in the past about the variety show, it's that anything can happen on live television, and I'm sure there will be plenty of side-splitting moments that could make even the evil Ares crack a smile.

Justice League premieres in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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