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Justice League is only a month away and with Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Cyborg and the Flash uniting on screen for the first time, it's going to be interesting to see the dynamic between these . Lucky for us, a new DC promo has hinted at the dynamic between some of the core characters of Justice League, particularly Wonder Woman's relationship with Batman.

Wonder Woman & The Dark Knight

The new 'Trinity' featurette dives into Diana's position in the League, referencing the comics and hinting at just how big of a role Wonder Woman will play in guiding Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. As fans may recall from Batman v. Superman, Batman is quite pessimistic in his view of the world and has no problem resorting to violence. Wonder Woman's peace-loving nature is in stark contrast to that.

As writer Paul Dini explains, Wonder Woman has often brought humanity into the cold heart of 's Dark Knight, and helped him become a better person. This comic arc could easily be translated to the big screen, with Justice League showing us how Diana will help Bruce become the Batman we know and love from the comics — rather than the murderous vigilante depicted in Snyder's Dawn of Justice.

In the video, Dini states:

"Batman — she continuously brings a little bit more of him into the light to try and break him out of his own shell to be more of a team player and to also discover elements of humanity that he has willfully discarded."

Gal Gadot previously said that Diana and Bruce will be "perfect match as partners" — and with Ben Affleck previously stating that Justice League will mark the emergence of a "new" Batman, it seems like that Diana will play a key role in Bruce becoming that improved version of himself who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Wonder Woman. Dini's comments also furthers the theory that there may be more to Diana and Bruce's relationship than meets the eye.

Diana and Bruce had a charged relationship in 'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Diana and Bruce had a charged relationship in 'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

But it's not all about — the comics featurette also explored Diana's relationship with Superman, hinting that the Amazon warrior will develop a bond with the son of Krypton too, helping him see past just the good in people and be prepared to stand up to prejudice, as she did in the comics.

Described as a force of reason, it appears that Diana will be the glue that holds the League togeterh. And while Batman will certainly be on better terms with (the presumably resurrected) Superman this time around, it's fair to say that Bruce may nonetheless find more in common with Wonder Woman, who he has spent more time with, and who (like Batman himself) is more battle hardened.

With so many unsolved mysteries, Justice League continues to be somewhat of an enigma, but no doubt our questions will be answered when the blockbuster hits theaters November 17.

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