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Achieving a superhero physique is not easy. Actors portraying the numerous crimefighters must go on intense training regimes to be able to completely embody the roles that are so awe-inspiring on the printed page. There's perhaps no better current example of the effort that goes behind achieving that physique than .

Playing Wonder Woman, an Amazonian demigoddess, the actress had to get in top shape in a short amount of time.

Now, she's passing on what she learned throughout a grueling training progress to none other than .

Gal Gadot Trains Conan

To promote the upcoming release of Wonder Woman, Gadot appeared on . This wasn't a regular interview, however. The pair went to a warehouse so she could teach him her workout regime.

That sounds easy enough, but there was a catch to the whole thing: Gadot had to condense six months of rigorous training into a mere 35 minutes. As you can imagine, the results were hilarious. Watch it for yourself:

There were various stages to Conan's training. First, master and apprentice got to know each other, recounting their fitness backgrounds. They then moved on to body assessment. For this stage, the actress brought in some help in the form of her trainer Ruda Vrba. Then came the actual training, comprised at first of kicking and dancing. For the former, Conan applied some old-school Boston moves. After that, the trio advanced to sword and blocking training. Perhaps the best part from that stage was seeing Conan block CGI bullets.

Ultimately, however, the host gave up trying to build muscle and took the easy route by putting on a muscled superhero costume.

Conan in all his superhero glory [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Conan in all his superhero glory [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

If this looks familiar, that's because the host previously wore it during last year's San Diego Comic-Con. Gal Gadot had the best reaction to his new looks:

"The hair is real?"

What happened after that, you ask? Well, in an effort to emulate Wonder Woman's masterful horseback riding, the host rode a mechanical bull, but again, without much success. Fortunately, despite his shortcomings, Conan made sure to post about his wonderful experience training with Gadot on Instagram:

There you have it, that's what it takes to become a superhero, although for optimal results, I wouldn't advise going the same route as Conan. While it was definitely a great effort on his part, the training needs to be a little stricter.

I must say, this was an incredibly funny video, and it showcased once again how incredible Gal Gadot is. If you can't wait to see her as Diana Prince kicking some villainous butt, hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

What did you think of Gal Gadot and Conan's rigorous training regime? Would you be willing to try it? Let me know in the comments!


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