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It's nice to know that, with all the troubling news surrounding the DCEU, one good little bit of news has come our way: and her husband, Yaron Versano, just announced the arrival of their second daughter, Maya!

Gadot, co-star of this year's upcoming , and star of her stand-alone flick , also coming this year, really seems to be having a great year.

The new addition was announced via Instagram earlier today:

She has been keeping her followers updated on her baby progress for the past nine months. Just Sunday, she posted a shot of her almost fully baked little bun in the oven:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year, she shared her thoughts on her daughters having female superheroes to look up to:

"I'm so happy when she grows up she's going to see a female figure she can be inspired by."

She went more in-depth about the sentiment in an interview with CinemaBlend:

"Being a mother with a three-and-a-half year old daughter, it's really important for me that, it's really important for me to show her...Oh my God, it's really important for me to show her that women are great and women can follow their dreams and do what they feel like doing."

Godot is trailblazing for her little Supergirls in other ways, too, even speaking about women's empowerment at the Wonder Woman Day at the UN last year:

Gonna be pretty awesome for her daughters to look up to their mama, who is literally Wonder Woman. If that's not an inspiring way to grow up, nothing is.

And hey, if the video above wasn't inspiring enough, the Wonder Woman trailer definitely will be.

Congrats to Gal, Yaron, and big sister, Alma!


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