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Britain's tallest man, Game of Thrones star Neil Fingleton, has sadly died at the age of 36. Tributes to the gentle giant have poured in on social media for the actor, who is best remembered for played Mag the Mighty in the HBO hit show.

Fingleton, who had previously enjoyed a career as a basketball player, reportedly died of heart failure on Saturday, February 25 in the UK.

Standing at 7ft 8 inches, Fingleton was named as Britain's tallest man in 2007 by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Speaking on his unusual height, Fingleton had this to say to the Guinness Book of Records:

"I have never been self conscious about my height. I am more conscious of going bald so that should tell you. I never let my height play a negative part in my life. I always do what I want, some tall people may be restricted as they are constantly stared at or people ask the same questions over and over. This is the only bad thing about being tall - the stupid remarks and questions. Other than that, being tall is great."

Using his height to his advantage, Fingleton portrayed a number of characters in successful films such as X-Men: First Class, 47 Ronin, and Jupiter Ascending.

However, it was his role in as the giant Mag the Mighty that most fans will fondly remember him for. Mag the Mighty played a pivotal role in Jon Snow's retaking of in Season 6.

A group called the Tall Persons Club posted a tribute to the star on its Facebook page earlier today:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Fingleton's loved ones.


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