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*Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, and certain, 100% spoilers for Season 6*

Once thought of as an unlucky family, the Starks had a fairly above-average run throughout the Game of Thrones sixth season. Jon Snow and Sansa were finally reunited (before turning the sadistic Ramsay Bolton into dog food). Arya finally broke free of the shackles of the Faceless Men. Bran survived an onslaught from White Walkers thanks to Hodor becoming a human door-stop. All in all, they did okay.

But could life be getting even sweeter for the Starks? A behind-the-scenes photograph released online by fan site maisiestyle suggests so; actress Maisie Williams (Arya) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) have been spotted together. On set. In the same trailer:

A Stark Family Reunion

As the status claims, there's no definitive proof the pair were filming the same scenes, but they were both seen at the studio on the same day. Further still, Bella Ramsey (who plays badass Lyanna Mormont) and Williams were seen wearing similar "northern" outfits, suggesting Lyanna and Arya could be on course to meet in the next season.

Maisie Williams's attire seems to confirm that Arya will return to her roots in The North for Game of Thrones Season 7. Crucially, the post also claims Kit Harington was seen on set the same day, meaning we could be in for the reunion of all reunions.

The Starks in the glory days [Credit: HBO]
The Starks in the glory days [Credit: HBO]

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As arguably the most beloved family on the show, the Stark clan reuniting would be no doubt fulfilling. But is it feasible? And if so, how would it work? The last we saw of Bran, he'd narrowly escaped death by White Walker, and was rescued by Benjen Stark before being left by the Wall. Arya on the other hand, made her way back to Westeros before enacting revenge in the form of the gruesome murder of Walder Frey.

Taking the bigger picture into consideration, Bran does have strong grounds to reunite with Jon Snow. While warging to the Tower of Joy, he witnessed Jon's birth, and consequently the truth of Jon's parentage, confirming the R+L=J theory. Bran is now one of the few characters aware that Jon has royal blood, translating to a direct claim to the throne.

Bran Stark and brother Jon Snow [Credit: HBO]
Bran Stark and brother Jon Snow [Credit: HBO]

Before we divulge into the prospect of Bran returning to Winterfell, though, due to his warging ability, any reunion of sorts could come in the form of a vision, rather than being physically in the same place. It's possible, following on from the R+L=J revelation, Bran continues to have visions of Jon Snow's backstory, which would explain his presence on set.

The heartbreaking Hodor moment in Season 6 also illustrated that as well as witnessing past events, Bran has the ability to influence the environment around him, thus altering the past, present and future — a skill known as greensight. Will he try and inform Jon of the truth via telepathic measures?

Can Arya Help Jon Snow In His Quest For The Throne?

Personally, the news that Harington and Williams were on the same set is the most exciting. Arya has had a painful yet character building story arc since she left the clutches of Winterfell way back in the first season of Game of Thrones, roaming the streets before being taken on the murderous internship with the Faceless Men, under the tutorship of the enigmatic Jaqen H'ghar.

By the end of Season 6, Arya had become a highly skilled assassin, turned her back on the Many-Faced God and returned to Westeros. Her stealthy and gloriously gruesome murder of Walder Frey highlighted her as a real threat; possibly even one of the deadliest in the West due to her extensive training and lack of affinity to religion or higher power.

If Arya reunites with Jon Snow and Sansa, she'll no longer be the younger sibling in need of tutelage, and could become a key component in Jon's quest for the Throne. Considering her skill-set and her kill list, there could be big things in store for Arya next season.

Of course, with things heating up (or more appropriately, cooling down) over the remaining 13 or so episodes, a Stark reunion could be immaterial if the Night King and his friends attack. Winter is coming, after all, but at least the Stark family could be facing the challenge together.


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