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Game of Thrones Season 7 is keeping up with the hype and, after yet another great, plot-driven episode, fans might have been filled with some strange hope that the Valonqar prophecy which is integral to Cersei's narrative might finally play a part on the show.

Back in Season 5, Episode 1, a teenage Cersei walked into a tent, spoke with Maggy the Frog, a woman who could divine the future, and got some insight on what her life would become where her loved ones were concerned. Strangely enough, the show left out an important aspect of that prophecy: The part that says Cersei will die at the hands of her "Valonqar" (which means "younger brother" in High Valyrian).

There's been a lot of talk about that prophecy, especially since all of the other parts of it were proven to be correct. But this latest episode of Game of Thrones has strongly hinted at the role Cersei's younger brothers will play on her downfall, which only gives fans reason to hope that the Valonqar portion of the prophecy will come true.

Note: This article contains mild spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3, 'The Queen's Justice'.

Tyrion May Have All The Resentment...

Tyrion has no love for Cersei and serving as Hand of the Queen to Daenerys, her biggest enemy, is doing him no favors. She's always accused him of killing their mother at childbirth (as only a truly evil person would); she's had him arrested, judged, and nearly killed; and, as she told Jaime in the Season 7 premiere, she no longer considers Tyrion a Lannister. So, it's pretty justified to imagine Tyrion would be the "younger brother" to kill Cersei when the time comes, but he seems devoted to fighting off monsters and bringing justice to Westeros instead.

So, while Tyrion seems like an obvious choice for the Valonqar (and we all know how much Game of Thrones showrunners hate the obvious choices), he's determined to be the diplomatic and wise Lannister — as opposed to being the mad or the lovefool one.

...But Jaime Has His Reasons Too

In "The Queen's Justice," Jaime was sent off to Highgarden to deal with Lady Olenna Tyrell and put an end to the Tyrell's alliance with Daenerys (and take their gold, of course). After taking over Highgarden, Jaime had an interesting one-on-one with Lady Olenna. It may have seemed foolish of her to warn Jaime against Cersei being "a disease," but it worked better than Olenna herself could have planned.

Olenna spoke of doing terrible things for the sake of her family, but the Tyrell lady admitted that Cersei has done things she could never have predicted. Jaime has borne witness to some of those deeds (i.e. walking back into King's Landing burning with wildfire last season), but, while Jaime admitted he was "too far gone" into Cersei's dark side, he still tries to do the honorable thing. When the time came to give Lady Olenna a horrific death, Jaime revealed the he had convinced Cersei that poison would do the deed in a neater fashion to the same horrific effect.

But, perhaps the most important lesson Lady Olenna offered Jaime before her demise, was how much Cersei's actions have instilled a deep hatred into the hearts of her enemies. With Olenna's dying confession of having poisoned Joffrey — complete with gory details — Jaime saw first hand the depths Cersei's enemies are willing to go to make her suffer. That's a powerful insight on how he might meet his death, if he continues to shield his sister from the consequences of her terrible actions. As Olenna pointed out to Jaime: "She'll be the end of you."

Jaime has been Cersei's safe harbor through all the horrific things she's done in Game of Thrones' seven seasons. He's stood by her, even when it's clear he doubts her reasoning and methods. Perhaps Lady Olenna's parting words of warning will ensure that Jamie doesn't get sucked into Cersei's evil plans any further. After all, everyone has a tipping point.

By the way Jaime's reacting to Cersei and Euron's new, intense relationship and by his refusal to give in to violence, he might just be the Valonqar Westeros needs right about now.

Do you think Cersei will die at the hands of Jaime, Tyrion, or in another way altogether? Tell me in the comments below.


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