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Will Wharton

Game of Thrones Season 4 is just a scant few weeks away, therefore we can expect the marketing machine to begin pumping out more and more promotional content with each week that goes by.

One such example of delicious promo content for the show is a new Behind The Scenes featurette for Season 4 dubbed, rather thematically, Game Of Thrones: Ice And Fire A Foreshadowing.

Before we enjoy it however, let me draw your attention to the most mouth-watering of teases, glimpsed in the last seconds of the video.

Behold Drogon...

...Balerion The Black Dread reborn. Dany's going to have some chaotic fun this year it seems.

Now watch the whole beautiful thing in it's jaw-dropping entirety. Prepare to be foreshadowed!


Man, I hope Tyrion and Jamie's dance makes the final cut.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Arrives April 6 On HBO. Hit me up on Twitter and lets talk about it!


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