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Away from the heat of battle on HBO's Game of Thrones, we have seen Season 7 of the show take a trip to the cooler climes of the North. Back under the wolf banners at Winterfell, fans reveled in a family reunion that was some seven years in the making. However, it seems that all isn't hunky dory for those surviving Stark siblings.

Arya, Sansa, and Bran can warm themselves by the fire, but working some serious Children of the Corn vibes, Bran is a stone cold bastard that makes even those White Walkers look warm blooded. Seeing the past, the present, and the future all at once is no easy feat, but does that really excuse Bran being a little sh*t?

The Man, The Bran, The Plan

Sure, Bran may have made it out of Season 6's "The Door" alive, but it certainly looks like our little lord left a piece of himself behind. Speaking to HBO's Making Game of Thrones, actor revealed that Meera Reed may have been a little too close to the truth when she said that Bran had died that night in the cave:

"Sadly, I think in many ways she was right. It’s just this whole idea that Bran has become a much smaller part of the character’s brain, when before 100 percent of his head was taken up with being Bran Stark. Now, that’s just one tiny file in a huge system. But certainly, he’s almost completely a different character. He acts utterly differently, and really any semblance of personality he used to have has gone."

Even though Bran is there in body, it looks like his time-traveling spirit is off elsewhere. This may be something that is hard enough for the audience to take in, but Wright says that we should expect it to be even tougher on his older sisters Arya and Sansa:

"I think it’s most shocking for Sansa and Arya to see what Bran is like, because they still have fundamentally the same character traits as they did when they were young: Arya is this spunky, fierce girl, and Sansa is this diplomatic lady. But Bran has definitely become somebody they wouldn’t recognize otherwise."

Some gave up on Bran years ago as the "boring" Stark of the show, but this latest twist looks set to alienate him from audiences more than ever. That being said, Wright was quizzed on whether there is any of the "old" Bran left:

"He says, 'I remember what it felt like to be Brandon Stark, but I remember so much else now,' which sums up exactly the situation Bran is in. There is a flicker of Bran left in him, but really, can you imagine putting the entire history of the universe, every single moment, every single second that ever existed in one person’s brain? You’d think it would just short circuit. Bran just becomes this calm, zen character. He’s really like a human supercomputer."

It isn't all doom and gloom though, apart from telling his sister that she looked cute the night she was raped — yep, he really did — Bran's newfound sight means big trouble for those schemers out in Westeros. In particular, Bran's tense meeting with slippery Petyr Baelish teases that time could be running out for Littlefinger.

While we will have to wait and see what the future holds for RoboBran (he undoubtedly already knows), his role as the Three-Eyed Raven clearly means big business for the end of the show and 's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels. With Bran pitched as one of Martin's "big five" character in his original manuscript, our crippled creep will surely be seeing HBO's epic out until the end.


Will the old Bran ever return?

(Source: Making Game of Thrones)


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