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There is no denying that the Seven Kingdoms got a lot smaller in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and pretty much anyone who was anyone in Westeros broke bread or promises. Jon met Dany, Arya met Nymeria, Cersei met her enemies, and Littlefinger met his maker (sob), but there was one particular pow-wow that was more dangerous than most. When you are trying to woo the Mother of Dragons, it is probably best not to forget that you have to get past her own personal guard dog before you can head below deck and send that ship a-rockin'.

Aunt meeting nephew may have been one of the biggest talking points from Season 7, but let's not forget that time that Jon Snow nearly became a moping morsel for Drogon. There may be a lot of Jon Snow reaching toward a mass of blue polystyrene, but now a behind-the-scenes video from Season 7 unfurls its dragon wings to recap the magic of "When Drogon Met Jon."

Playing With Fire

Meeting your mother-in-law is nothing compared to facing a toothed beast that is likely to devour you like one of Hot Pie's pastries, or torch you like a Tarly. In the video, the crew and even discuss one of the biggest meetings to ever grace the world of Westeros, as the secret Targaryen embraces his unknown fate.

There is plenty of footage of a windswept Harington atop the cliffs of Northern Island, but showrunner D.B. Weiss reveals the real meaning behind the scene and the power struggle between Jon and Daenerys "Bend the Knee" Targaryen. In particular, Weiss wanted to hype up the fear that was Jon about to become a snack:

"She doesn't want to see her dragon eat him, but she does want to see him sweat a little bit. I think she is probably about 85% sure that the dragon isn't going to eat Jon."

I wouldn't like to take my chances with that 15%, and given the cutthroat nature of author , I'm sure there are some out there who would've loved to have seen the King in the North become Drogon chow.

Flying Without Wings

While true Thrones fans always knew that BBQ bastard wasn't on the menu, it didn't stop pulses racing when Snow did his own Jurassic Park recreation and reached out to touch his fiery new friend. "Eastwatch" director Mark Shakman tells us that he wanted audiences to never quite know what was going to happen:

"Here you have this secret Targaryen meeting a dragon and you're not sure what's going to happen when they come face to face. Drogon is huge and immediately comes right at him aggressively. Jon stands his ground, and it's a beautiful moment...Great actors can make you believe, and being out there on that clifftop was quite extraordinary."

Either way, the scene highlights that, unlike most of the current cast, Jon Snow has a real set of iron balls knocking around in his bloomers. With taking on an Army of the Undead, a poisonous queen, and a ravenous dragon, Season 7 was quite the showstopper for our long-haired hero.

With Jon now almost destined to become a dragon rider, it is safe to assume his bonding with the beasts will only grow stronger in Season 8. However, with Drogon as Dany's favorite and Viserion under the icy glare of the Night King, will the Starkgaryen be hopping on the back of Rhaegal? None of this matters anyway, because with an achingly long wait until the final run of six episodes, it could be a long time before we get to see Kit Harington take flight on the back of a CGI broomstick!

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