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Jon Snow's impromptu, and very successful, meet and greet with Daenerys's dragon in Game of Thrones certainly inched forward the long-standing theory that he is a secret Targaryen. But alongside marvelling at the striking moment between Drogon and the King in the North, fans of the series have been suggesting that the scene in question looks oddly familiar.

Apparently, in a strange turn of events, quite a large proportion of Twitter users are adamant that the show has ripped off a Shrek scene between Donkey and his dragon lover for the episode "Eastwatch."

Just like in the DreamWorks animation, Jon is rather concerned that there's a high chance that the fire-breathing beast might burn him to a tiny crisp when they come face-to-face. However, some kind of connection becomes apparent quite quickly, one that develops into an unusual bond. In Shrek, this manifests itself into the lady dragon fluttering her long eyelashes at the green ogre's sidekick and by the end of the film, they are proud parents to a number of donkey/dragon babies.

And although nobody is actually suggesting that Drogon is having a right ol' flirt, or that Jon Snow will be fathering anything anytime soon, visually it's easy to see where fans are coming from — feast your eyes on the Shrek and Game of Thrones comparison below:

Ultimately, the Internet is filled to the brim with weird and wacky ideas but after dissecting the clip above a number of times, it's clear that the fans are truly onto something. After all, it's not like the Game of Thrones show-runners have shied away from borrowing from the DreamWorks animation before, have they? Never forget that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's who is quite likely to be the Azor Ahai, by the way — is basically Prince Charming in human form:

Do you think Game of Thrones has been inspired by Shrek?


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