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If you were looking forward to see Michiel Huisman's Daario Naharis in Season 8 of Game Of Thrones, then I've got some bad news for you: Daario won't be coming back, at least, not in the way many fans wanted him to.

The former flame of Daenerys was introduced in Season 3 as a lieutenant in the Second Sons, a skilled mercenary group. After killing the other leaders, Daario joined Dany pledging fealty (and so much more) to the Queen. And although he remained an integral part of the show in its coming seasons, the mercenary was absent from Season 7, leading many fans to believe that he would make his return in Season 8. A popular fan theory emerged, positing that the character would be leading the Golden Company (sent to help Cersei from the Iron Bank), only to destroy her forces from the inside, which would explain his absence in the show. And while this theory had a lot of holes in it, fans' love for Huisman's character made the idea very popular on the interwebs.

However, fansite Watchers on the Wall's latest report has firmly put an end to this theory, crushing many fans hopes regarding his return. The report reveals that Into the Badlands actor Marc Rissmann has been cast as Harry Strickland, who is the leader of the Golden Company in A Song Of Ice And Fire. This, of course, means that Daario won't be the one to join Cersei, or rather pretend to join Cersei Lannister.

What Does This Mean For Daario?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

What this report calls into question, however, is whether or not we will see Naharis again. The charming mercenary was left in Mereen to look after Dany's people while she conquered the rest of the world. And although it was made clear that there wouldn't be much of a future between the Targaryen and Daario, fans still wanted to see what his reaction to the new Jon-Dany pair would be and what his role would be in the battle for Westeros.

Many fans are of firm belief that we will see the people of Mereen once again, towards the end when Cersei and Daenerys battle it out. So it's possible that we will see Daario one last time before the show ends. But it could also be that Season 6 was the end of the road for Daario, and the debunking of this fan theory only serves to prove how his role in the upcoming season is non existent.

What's your take Thrones' fans? Will we see Daario ever again?

(Source: Watchers On The Wall)


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