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Now that we've all finished Game of Thrones Season 7 — and if you haven't you better go do it now, because this article is packed with spoilers — we are free to discuss a subject that has been almost totally taboo for the last 10 months. Back in October 2016, more than half a year before the Season 7 premiere, some sneaky raven dropped a massive load of spoilers on Reddit, laying out the entire plot for all of Game of Thrones Season 7. While most fans avoided the spoilers like a greyscale epidemic, a debate raged among those that decided to recklessly dive in head first: Were these spoilers legit? Or was it all just a Drogon-sized pile of bullshit?

From the season premiere, the answer was clear. These spoilers were the real deal, and everything was unfolding just as it was written. As viewers wrote their hot takes on why Cersei was 100% definitely lying about that pregnancy, spoiler-readers smiled smugly. We knew she was telling the truth, and we waited to be proven correct by the miscarriage she would inevitably have before the finale ended.

But then, the miscarriage never happened.

Why was this the one spoiler out of hundreds that never came to pass? It wasn't the biggest plot point of the season, certainly, but it wasn't a small thing, either. What happened? Where did it go? And what does this mean for Cersei and her potential child going into the finale season?

Was The Miscarriage Spoiler Just A Fake?

It seems unlikely that this one medium-sized piece of information would have been a red herring, while the hundreds of other plot points all turned out to be true. Instead, I have a theory that the miscarriage was indeed going to be part of the original Season 7 plot, until Benioff and Weiss cut it out at the eleventh hour.

The plot leaks happened in October 2016, well into the shooting schedule for Season 7. In a show like Game of Thrones, every second counts — and is extremely expensive. Going back and rewriting the script in the hope of preserving some of the secrets simply wasn't feasible. Reshooting or even rescheduling the extensive plans for CGI, on-location shooting, and busy actors' schedules just wasn't going to happen. They had no choice but to move forward with the story as it had been revealed.

While the idea of redoing a million-dollar battle scene or dragon-riding sequence was out of the question, cutting out a relatively simple (and inexpensive) scene like Cersei waking up to find herself covered in blood would be easy. There would be no need to write in or reshoot anything to replace it. They could just pad out the rest of the episode with other footage and Cersei could stay pregnant going into the final season.

Is Cersei Really Pregnant?

If nothing else, this miscarriage-that-might-have-been should reopen the debate about whether or not the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is telling the truth. It's true that Cersei's never had any qualms about bluffing if it serves her purpose, but what would she really have to gain by lying about her pregnancy? Jaime was still by her side when she confessed it, and he left her anyway, while believing that she was carrying his child. The idea of a pregnancy won't bring him back to her, but it's possible that he might have one last moment of weakness and return to her side for the birth of their child.

Additionally, how would Tyrion have known what to guess during their last meeting if the pregnancy wasn't genuine? Could her subtle mannerisms — not to mention the camera work — really all have been a part of a big master manipulation? What would the end game be there? What benefit would she have in lying to Tyrion about her own pregnancy? The only benefit she could hope for would be dependent on producing an actual Lannister heir.

What Does Cersei's Pregnancy Mean For Season 8?

If we assume that Cersei really is with child, the implications for the final season of Game of Thrones are huge. Earlier, we theorized that Tyrion might have struck a bargain with his sister, confessing to her that Daenerys could never have children and insinuating — if not outright promising — that the future little Lannister could one day be the heir/heiress to the Iron Throne.

If you haven't heard that theory yet, check it out in the video below:

Letting Cersei carry the child to term would have every advantage for a show that has come under fire for slipping in its storytelling. If Cersei becomes a mother for the fourth time, it would prove what George R.R. Martin has hinted at all along: Prophecies are not always what they appear. The shattering of Maggy the Frog's prophecy about Cersei's three children would throw every other prophecy into question... including the main prophecy of the story, that of the Prince Who Was Promised.

Cersei is nothing if not a devoted mother, and showing her in this light again — the desperate mother lioness who would do anything to protect her cub — is the closest she'll ever get to being a sympathetic character. After watching her come completely unhinged from the Season 6 finale until now, it would be interesting to watch her regain her one redeeming quality.

While a pregnancy wasn't enough to keep Jaime at his sister's side, the birth of their last child might be. It's always interesting to watch Jaime squirm between love and honor, and now that he's officially set Cersei aside, the birth of his child would be the only thing that could put him in that difficult position once more.

If Tyrion really has struck a bargain with his sister, promising the Lannister babe the keys to the Seven Kingdoms, then the birth of Cersei's child would throw a huge monkey wrench into his relationship with Daenerys as well. The final season has only six episodes in which to tie up all the loose ends of the series, but Cersei's baby would have a ripple effect of conflicts that would make Season 8 interesting in an unexpected way. And of course, a baby Lannister and a baby Targaryen/Stark coming into the world to carry on humanity after the almost-apocalypse would create a poetic — albeit slightly cheesy — symmetry on which to end the story.


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