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(WARNING: The following contains mild theoretical SPOILERS for future seasons of Game of Thrones, albeit largely speculative ones. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood Three-Eyed Raven suggests is wise, all the same.)

Now, with Season 7 still a dispiritingly long way away from actually hitting our screens, it's not all that surprising that we've collectively resorted to clinging to the slightest hint of speculation to help ease the pain of a year-long wait for further -based Westerosi adventures. Heck, it's gotten so bad that even the arrival of the really-rather-fantastic Westworld hasn't been able to completely fill the void of intelligent, ultra-violent drama that Game of Thrones has left in our lives.

Thankfully, though, the ever-reliable Swedish island of Gotland has now come through with some potentially huge news, and as such we can sate our unending appetite for another day. Y'see...

Game Of Thrones Could Be Set To Film In Sweden, Signaling A Long Winter

That, at least, is the suggestion that local Gotland newspaper Hela Gotland made recently, with a report revealing that HBO has expressed interest in filming on the island on several occasions over the past year. Indeed, as one of the founders of local film production-facilitating company The Line, Olivia Munck, recently revealed:

"The Stockholm film region contacted us and said 'Game of Thrones' had been in touch and were looking at Visby. They wanted to have some official pictures from the town. So we took new ones of the town and the island and sent it on to them. That’s how it started... the last pictures were sent a few weeks ago. So we’re waiting to see what will happen."

In other words? It seems Game of Thrones may be heading to Sweden in the near future — something that might just suggest an even more snow-covered future for Westeros than we had previously anticipated. After all, Gotland has some strikingly beautiful old buildings, and the town of Visby is particularly famed for its ancient walls. With that in mind, it seems entirely possible that HBO is considering using the island as a replacement shooting location for some more southern Westerosi sites, once the long winter reaches them during Seasons 7 and 8. The only problem?

There's A Pretty Good Chance None Of This Will Happen

[Game Of Thrones/HBO]
[Game Of Thrones/HBO]

Y'see, as Munck herself put it:

"A lot of other countries in Europe have production tax reductions. That’s a big part of whether they’ll shoot or not. They like the location of course, but it’s 50/50 I think... I think international companies are very interested in filming in Sweden. But there is a problem when you want to shoot here. If you then have Norway, which has tax breaks, and Iceland which does too, they become more attractive than here, even if our locations are great. Money talks."

Which, alongside the fact that any locations currently being scouted are more likely being considered for 2018's Season 8 than next year's Season 7, suggests that we aren't all that likely to see Sweden-shot scenes turn up in Game of Thrones anytime soon, if at all.

What do you think, though? Will Game of Thrones need to head north to film its future seasons? Let us know below!



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