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Game of Thrones has a more extravagant budget than some films, and the crew utilize it to bring us some of the best action scenes to ever grace the small screen. We’ve seen some epic battles over the show's six seasons, and let’s not forget about Daenerys Targaryen’s beautiful dragons. The giant fire-breathing CGI beasts do not come cheap, not to mention the practical effects used to simulate the damage they create.

In recent seasons, has stepped up its game, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved on television. Fans couldn’t be happier with the production value, but they usually don’t think about the scope of some of the stunts executed on the show.

During a recent press event, Game of Thrones Stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam spoke about some of the big stunts his team has executed over the years, and got around to talking about the copious amounts of fire-based stunts on the show. The fire stunts are so copious, in fact, that Game of Thrones broke the record for setting the most people on fire in a single day.

Game of Thrones' New Record Is Fire

Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]
Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]

During the press event, Rowley Irlam told Express about one of the more dangerous stunts they've done on Game of Thrones, which consisted of lighting a whole mess of people on fire:

“We've done a lot of fire stuff, particularly in season five. We set fire to 20 guys in one day and used a 45ft flame thrower on a motion control crane so we could control the dragon. That was a new record I think. It was the most amount of people that had been set on fire in one day."

The record-breaking scene is from Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9, titled 'The Dance of Dragons,' where and her companions were surrounded by The Sons of the Harpy in Daznak's Pit. When all hope is lost, Drogon came to the rescue, and barbecued all The Sons that attacked the Mother of Dragons.

No People Or Dragons Were Harmed During The Stunt

Setting 20 people on fire sounds incredibly dangerous — and it is — but Irlam stated that safety is paramount on set. His team goes to painstaking lengths to make sure all of their stunts are as safe as they can be:

"Health and safety for us is not a grey area. We endeavor to shoot a sequence that is very dynamic, exciting, looks really dangerous but it's never our intention to hurt anyone and we would never do anything recklessly. You do have tiny nicks and bumps and hands get knocked with the sword but we don't have any big accidents as we always make sure everyone knows what is going to happen next."

It’s a relief to hear that the goes to great lengths to make sure their epic stunts are executed in a safe environment. The stunts always look fantastic on 's Game of Thrones, and we have Irlam’s amazing stunt team to thank for all the heart-pounding action. Game of Thrones Season 7 is only months away, and we can’t wait to see if they can break their own record and set even more people on fire (safely, of course).

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(Source: Express)


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