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The world of HBO's Game of Thrones has proven itself to be far from an easy one to live in, but for one actor of the series, life in prison may just be that little bit worse.

Stuart Hawkings, a former extra on , has recently been jailed for 16 months for harassing his ex-girlfriend from behind prison walls. He apparently had threatened to "do a Raoul Moat" — a reference to a case featuring a 37-year-old English man who went on a two-day shooting spree in the UK back in 2010. The reason behind such a terrifying threat? Hawkings thought that his former flame had begun a relationship with a police officer.

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The Game of Thrones extra had already been jailed twice for breaking restraining orders towards the same woman, the mother of his child. During sentencing last Thursday, the judge addressed Stuart, saying:

"You are nearly 40, and you were not before a court until 2016 when things broke down and you would not accept that relationship was over. This victim has become particularly vulnerable as a result of your conduct. This was significant offending and now you have to have a sentence that will protect your former partner for a significant period. There is no violence, but there comes a time when this type of conduct becomes psychological violence."

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

In return, Hawkings's defendant argued that his client was a "hard working, family man." He added:

"He splits his year, working half the year as a landscape gardener, and the other half in Belfast, working as an actor on the TV programme Game of Thrones. Until 2016, he was a normal, hard-working family man. He had a seven-year relationship which went very well until the birth. She suffered from post-natal depression, and there was another relationship she got involved in, and the wheels came off. He now has a new partner, and they have a child, a baby boy. He was in prison when that child was born. He knows this will only move on once there's an acceptance from him that he's got a new life."

It appears Stuart had only been out of prison for assault for a few days before he landed in hot water again. Following the new judgement, it looks like this extra sadly won't be returning to Westeros anytime soon.

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[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]


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