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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
Jack Carr

When the first trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 7 hit this week, everything David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been building toward for years was there in all of its living, fire-breathing glory. While Dany, her winged offspring and the army from Essos stand at the gates of Dragonstone in the south and Cersei braces for the ultimate battle in King's Landing, Littlefinger is slithering into Sansa's head up in Winterfell.

But hidden among the backdrop of all that war and chaos, everything we've been waiting to see since the beginning of , was something a little more unexpected — a sizzling debut encounter between Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy.

Just in case you missed the split-second shot of the gay kiss nobody predicted, check out the Season 7 trailer from HBO below, and then we'll dive in.

As a refresher, Yara and Theon, exiled from the Iron Islands where Euron has assumed power, made a deal with Daenerys in Season 6 to supply ships for the Targaryen army. Varys, also ostensibly working with Dany and Tyrion — although it's often theorized that he operates in pursuit of his own agenda, which may or may not support the endgame of Dany on the Iron Throne — met with Ellaria on Dorne, forming another new alliance which, at least on paper, gives Daenerys a massive advantage over Cersei and the smaller Lannister army at King's Landing.

So, in theory, Ellaria and Yara are broadly on the same team. But as we know all too well from the tragic (and so-far-unrevenged) demise of Myrcella Baratheon at the tail end of her stay on Dorne, Ellaria cannot be trusted. Seriously, this woman's commitment to being a Sand snake is absolute.

That's not to say the gay kiss she shares with Yara in the trailer is an attempt to kill Theon's sister via her preferred method of poison lipstick (get it now at all Dior counters in Crimson and Orchid) — experience has taught us that Ellaria has a vast sexual appetite, and since Oberyn's unforgettable death in Season 4, his lover hasn't had much opportunity to indulge her lust. Maybe it's the impending threat of war from all sides, but the people of Westeros seem a lot less into their orgies these days.

But it is a possibility. The kiss could be bad news for those who freaked out over a spark of sexual tension between Yara and Dany last season, but that's a can of worms which probably shouldn't be opened. For now, it's all eyes on Ellaria Sand, and while I don't believe Yara is about to receive the kiss of death, sexuality is a weapon, and Yara's is almost definitely being deployed against her as part of a grander scheme being orchestrated by the first lady of Dorne.

I'm stoked as hell to find out where this is headed when Game Of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.

Do you think the kiss with Yara is part of another of Ellaria's schemes, or is it simply a legit moment of mutual attraction?


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