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As Game of Thrones continues to blow us away week after week, the series' interweaving storylines are starting to merge more closely together. The events featured in the seventh season has reminded viewers that we are quickly nearing the end of the series. The battles that have been teased for years are nearly upon us. If the most recent, penultimate episode is any indication, the series is revving up for a mind-blowing showdown and a number of agonizing revelations.

Note: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, 'Beyond the Wall.'

The mission of and crew to go beyond the Wall and bring back a Wight unsurprisingly went awry. Nothing in this series ever goes as planned so it was expected they'd encounter trouble while traveling north of the Wall. But we certainly did not predict a massive Wight bear and a move from the Night King that would kill Viserion only to resurrect Daenerys' beloved dragon as the newest member of the White Walker army.

Jon's plea for help was immediately answered by Daenerys as she made no hesitation to rescue the men on the mission. Unfortunately the move resulted in the aforementioned death of one of her children, but it also brought Jon and Dany closer. After witnessing Viserion's death, Jon clicks into maniac mode and slices through Wights before almost drowning in the frigid waters. He eventually makes it back to the Wall thanks to a sacrifice from his uncle, much to 's happiness. They have a touching moment while Jon is recovering on the ship where Dany promises that they will defeat the Night King together and Jon refers to her as "my Queen" and is ready to bend the knee.

Jon and Dany have always been prominent characters in the series but director Alan Taylor has confirmed that Game of Thrones' creator once shared the true importance of the characters. In an interview with Deadline, Taylor reveals what Martin shared during filming the first season:

"I remember when I was doing Season 1 and we were on location in Malta, and George R. R. Martin came to visit. He was sitting in a chair, and he was being really quite open about things that were to come…

Anyways, he alluded to the fact that Jon and Dany were the point, kind of. That, at the time, there was a huge, vast array of characters, and Jon was a lowly, you know, bastard son. So it wasn’t clear to us at the time, but he did sort of say things that made it clear that the meeting and the convergence of Jon and Dany were sort of the point of the series."

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

At the time, the cast and crew didn't realize how big of a phenomenon that the series would become so they discussed the future much more openly. Now, Taylor is discussing how much the characters' relationship has progressed, pointing to the endgame:

"So, I was happy that a big step forward was taken in the episode I got to do this season is where he has fallen for her both, you know, emotionally and politically I think. He recognizes what she’s capable of, and is ready to bend the knee as soon as his knees bend. There’s still a step further to go with them in terms of the romantic side of things and a lot more to play out in terms of how the politics and the power struggle will work, but it was at least a sort of solid step forward in that major arc."

The relationship between Jon and Dany has been a focal point of the season after their much-anticipated meeting in the hopes of joining forces. There are clearly romantic feelings between the two considering they are unaware they are related (as of yet), but their powerful partnership will be the true game-changer. Jon and Dany equally need each other's leadership and resources to convince Cersei that there are far greater threats facing Westeros, namely the one coming from the North. Jon and Dany are, as fans have always suspected and Martin confirmed, the true "song of ice and fire."

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones airs August 27th on HBO.

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(Source: Deadline)


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