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In , when someone gives you a hand-made gift, it's usually a sign that your dad is about to burn you alive at the stake. But this Christmas, some talented crafters threw caution to the wind and treated the Game of Thrones fan in their life with a thoughtful, elegant work of craftsmanship that looks straight out of the Seven Kingdoms.

With the help of Reddit, we've gathered the best of the one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones gifts below. See for yourself below!

4. This Cross Stitch Map Of Westeros

Reddit user neebs231 diligently cross stitched this intricate map of Westeros, complete with a border made up of various sigils from the great houses.

3. These Hand-Made Dragons Eggs

[Credit: thelink444 via Reddit]
[Credit: thelink444 via Reddit]

Nothing says "I love you" like your very own set of dragons eggs! Redditor thelink4444 received this hand-crafted set from his girlfriend. Although unless he happens to be a true-born Targaryen, we recommend he doesn't pull a Daenerys and try to hatch them.

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2. This Incredible Sigil Quilt

[Credit: NewfieBullet via Reddit]
[Credit: NewfieBullet via Reddit]

Redditor NewfieBullet will stay cozy through the Long Night underneath this beautiful one-of-a-kind patchwork sigil quilt from his girlfriend.

[Credit: NewfieBullet via Reddit]
[Credit: NewfieBullet via Reddit]

And last but certainly not least...

1. This Game Of Thrones/Mario Crossover Cross Stitch

[Credit: Eponases]
[Credit: Eponases]

The cross-stitching queen Eponases crafted this intricate beauty for an extremely lucky friend. The whole thing is made up of 195,132 stitches and took her over a year to complete. While the piece might be a one-of-a-kind gift for her friend, she was kind enough to make this time-lapse video of the whole process for all of us to drool over. Check it out now:


Which of these one-of-a-kind 'Game of Thrones' gifts is on your wish list for next year?

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