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has reportedly already wrapped filming on Season 7, which can only mean one thing: We're in the great waiting game now. We've got months to wait for the new season to premiere on , we've got to wait for the teasers and trailers, we even have to wait to find out the official premiere date!

Amid all this grueling waiting, it can be hard to keep your eye on the prize. Those clever marketers at HBO know this, which is why they intermittently dangle delightful treats like images and soundbites in front of us to remind us just how much we really want this. Like at the end of November, when HBO slapped together a supercut of footage from their biggest shows, which included four seconds of brand new footage from Game of Thrones Season 7.

First Footage 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 [Credit: HBO]
First Footage 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 [Credit: HBO]

Now, it looks like they're at it again. Two mysterious new in-production teasers for Game of Thrones Season 7 have magically appeared. Like the original HBO trailer with the first footage, the teasers are only broadcast on the HBO channel, and haven't been made available online, but both Watchers on the Wall and Express, as well as a handful of other sources, confirm their authenticity.

Oathkeeper Teaser

The first one shows a mysterious hand holding Oathkeeper, Brienne of Tarth's sword that she received from Jaime Lannister. But who is holding it, and what could that mean, if anything?

The hand is pretty clearly not Gwendoline Christie's, and it doesn't really look anything like Podrick's or Jaime's. Could it possibly be George R.R. Martin's? Whoever's it is, we probably shouldn't read too much into it — if we can help it — since it is just an in-production teaser after all.

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Lena Headey Teaser

The second teaser dropped during an episode of Big Little Lies on Sunday, March 5. If the Oathkeeper teaser seemed like a fake, this one will make you second guess everything.

That is 100% without a doubt getting made up to be the mad queen Cersei Lannister. That would be a hell of a lot more difficult for a fan to fake than just a sword.

Can We Trust These Teasers?

In a world of fake news and fan-made trailers galore, it's good to have a healthy skepticism of stuff you find on the internet. In this case, the poor quality of the videos, that ridiculous hand holding the sword, and the sheer randomness of in-production teasers might lead you to doubt that these teasers are the real deal.

But HBO has been known to drop a quirky in-production teaser before. Check out this one, which hit the internet in August.

Of course, this one seems obviously more legit than the shorter ones above due to the quality of the video. But filming something from the TV on a phone is always going to result in laughably poor quality, regardless of how HD the TV is. It's also important to note that dropping special teasers and treats during commercial breaks of its other shows is a classic HBO move we've seen before, like with that footage shown during Westworld.

All we can hope for is that HBO will soon release glossy HD versions of these teasers through one of its official internet platforms so that we can all obsess over them as much as we want and with as clear a picture as possible. Either that, or we can all just skip work and school in order to park it on the couch tuned in to HBO 24/7 until we get some answers.


What do you think about these weird little 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 teasers?


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