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The seventh season of TV's biggest show, Game Of Thrones has been non-stop since premiering last month. The HBO juggernaut returned in July with to record breaking viewership, as the struggle for power waged on in Westeros. We're already five episodes in and we've been treated to several jaw-dropping moments so far, from Lady Olenna's demise to Daenerys's arrival in Westeros, not to mention Episode 4's huge battle that saw Dany get some revenge on the Lannister armies.

However, among all the action and the excitement, Season 7 has featured clever little cameos and Easter Eggs that you possibly missed while watching it. From Noah Syndergaard's cameo last week to Jon Snow's true born status possibly being revealed this week, it goes to show that rewatching can prove beneficial. With that in mind, you'll be pleased to know that Gendry and Jorah weren't the only ones returning to Westeros in the latest episode of Game of Thrones — you may or may not have noticed the reappearance of actor Kevin Eldon.

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

After Davos found Gendry working in Flea Bottom, the two characters prepared to depart from King's Landing and head to Dragonstone. However, they were caught by two Gold Cloaks. One of the Gold Cloaks was played by Kevin Eldon, who has appeared on Game Of Thrones before. However, it's not what you think — Eldon's previous appearance was as a completely different character and, to make matters more confusing, it wasn't even that long ago.

Eldon previously appeared back in Season 6, playing one of the Bravosi actors from the travelling troupe, which was led by Lady Crane (the actress that the faceless man instructed Arya to kill). Eldon played the actor portraying Ned Stark in a comical play about the ongoing wars in the Seven Kingdoms. This fictitious version of Ned didn't please Arya too much, that's for sure.

Eldon as fake Ned back in Season 6. [Credit: HBO]
Eldon as fake Ned back in Season 6. [Credit: HBO]

Although its likely that Eldon's appearances are completed unrelated, there is the possibility that actor was, in fact, playing the same character. It's highly unlikely but perhaps the Ned Stark wannabe decided to travel to King's Landing and become a Gold Cloak. This is Westeros we're talking about, as Jaime Lannister said in last week's episode, stranger things have happened.

Not The First Actor To Play Multiple Roles

It is known that Game Of Thrones has had problems with actor continuity in the past. For example, Beric Dondarion, Gregor Clegane and Daario Neharis were all recast at a certain point on the show when they became more important to the storyline. Although Eldon's circumstance is quite different because he played two different characters, this isn't actually the first time that GoT has had the same actor playing a different role.

Dean-Charles Chapman played two roles. [Credit: HBO]
Dean-Charles Chapman played two roles. [Credit: HBO]

Tommen Baratheon was initially played by Callum Wharry, who recurred throughout the first two seasons. However, when the character became more significant to the show's storyline Tommen was recast, with Dean-Charles Chapman taking over the role in Season 3. However, that's not even the most interesting part of this recasting story — while Chapman is remembered for his excellent portrayal of Tommen, this wasn't the first part that the young actor played on the series.

Back in Season 2, Chapman appeared as Martyn Lannister in two episodes. The character was taken prisoner by Robb Stark and his men during the war between the Starks and the Lannisters, which began as a result of Joffrey beheading Ned Stark. Coincidentially, Martyn Lannister is a far out relation of Tommen Baratheon, so the fact that the two characters shared similar physical features is actually rather believable.

While we prefer to enjoy the excellent storylines on Game Of Thrones, we must admit that it is rather unbeatable to spot these little moments on the show. As Season 7 heads towards its conclusion, we're left wondering if we'll see any more familiar faces before we reach the finale. Who knows? This is Westeros — anything can happen!

Game Of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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