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Whether that's the complex and morally-ambiguous characters, or nail-biting storylines, we just can't get enough of Game of Thrones. Diehard fans have shown their devotion for the hit medieval fantasy show in various ways, like naming their children for the Stark sisters, to GoT-inspired tattoos; the list goes on.

Now there's a new way in which you can put your love for the show on full display: Sporting Jaime Lannister's golden hand... or rather, a version of it. The difference being that you won't have to get your hand violently chopped off to acquire it, and, as a bonus, it will go with almost any outfit.

Watch Out, The Kingslayer Is Coming

Koio, an Italian shoe manufacturer, teamed up with Game of Thrones to create a -themed sneaker, complete his snazzy golden hand. It's just what fans needed, but never knew they wanted:

As if these shoes weren't awe-inspiring enough, the word "Kingslayer" is marked on the insole, so every one of your steps will be filled with greatness—or, you know, reviled by a good portion of Westeros. It's a toss-up. Either way, you're memorable. That would certainly be a great confident-booster for anyone.

Where can you get this incredible footwear, you ask? Unfortunately, they aren't available for sale, but you can enter Koio's Instagram giveaway right now in hopes of getting your own pair.

This Isn't The Only Way To Show Your 'Game Of Thrones' Love

Thankfully for all lovers out there, the Kingslayer sneakers aren't the only means to get in touch with your inner Westeros resident. Here are a few other things you can get your hands on right now to make you feel like you're part of the expansive mythological world:

1. Your Own Miniaturized King's Landing

[Credit: 4D Cityscape]
[Credit: 4D Cityscape]

In the show, all the different clans are constantly getting themselves in brutal wars to take control of different sections of the seven kingdoms. You, however, can reign over the entirety of King's Landing without having to lose a hand or your life in the process, thanks to this 3D puzzle from 4D Cityscape. The impressive location probably takes some time to put together, so I'd suggest building with Game of Thrones playing in the background to enhance your building experience.

2. A Real-Life Iron Throne

I'll admit I'm no throne expert, but I reckon an actual Iron Throne full of swords would be quite expensive. But, if you've ever wanted to sit on the coveted seat, fret not, because there's a much cheaper way to do so, and you only need a toilet.

[Credit: Shop Simply Perfect]
[Credit: Shop Simply Perfect]

This decal sticker will give your toilet the edge it needs to be a worthy resting spot for you. Will it feel a bit weird to have it there? Possibly. Probably? It still doesn't outweigh its awesomeness. So please do yourself a favor and get it.

3. A Dragonclaw Goblet Replica


Now's your chance to drink whatever beverage you enjoy like a true Baratheon with a replica of the Dragonclaw Goblet. Fortunately, you won't have to break into Dragonclaw Castle to get it. The replica is available in both Amazon and ThinkGeek in case you decide to purchase it.

Out of all this merchandise I'd love to get the miniaturized King's Landing, but the Jaime Lannister-themed shoes are certainly a catch. If you'd be willing to fight wight Viserion to get them, go enter Koio's Instagram contest.

Will you try to get the new Jaime Lannister-themed snickers? What's your favorite peculiar Game of Thrones piece of merchandise? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Now TV]


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