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Intrigue, backstabbing and death may be common in the world of Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean romance can't blossom amidst the blood and beheadings. One romantic pairing everyone seems ready for is Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand, which fans have been waiting for ever since the Season 7 trailer teased a passionate kiss between them. Now it has been revealed that the kiss fans have been waiting for between "Yallaria" –– which was finally shown during Episode 2, "Stormborn" –– was actually improvised by the two actresses.

According to Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy, that steamy kiss wasn't written in the script. She told Entertainment Weekly:

"It wasn’t directed that we would kiss. It just seemed like something we should do. We led it, very much so. It was meant to be a suggestion [of flirting] and then it became more sexual than we expected because it seemed right. There was only a skeleton crew working because the rig could only take so much weight, so we were left very much on our own. And who wouldn’t want to kiss Indira? I mean, come on!"

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

This isn't the first time Game of Thrones has gone off script. One of the fan favorite ships, "Brimund" was also improvised thanks to Tormund Giantsbane actor Kristofer Hivju. It's also a moment showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff absolutely loved, as Weiss told EW:

"There was the episode where they’re all leaving Castle Black together and there’s a shot — it wasn’t scripted at all — of two of them on horseback and she looks at him and he smiles at her. It’s not something you could ever write. It’s just this moment where this guy is creeping out on her and he smiles in a way that makes her very uncomfortable and she just looks away. I saw it 150 times and every time it made me laugh; it’s purely the two of them."

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Weiss and Benioff clearly trust their actors to go with their gut when it comes to expanding on scenes that might not have called for a kiss or awkward flirting. No one would know their characters better than the actors who have played them for years on the show. So far, these improvised scenes seem to be a huge hit with fans as well as the actors themselves, with Whelan also adding that she enjoyed shooting the kissing scene with actress Indira Varma:

"I think it’s a wonderful scene and amusing as well — like that look from Yara to Theon that says a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…"

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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