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Game of Thrones served up one heck of a penultimate episode for Season 7. With so many notable moments, one small detail was initially overlooked — but as soon as some eagle-eyed viewers noticed, it sent social media buzzing.

Jon Snow almost met his death again in "Beyond the Wall" when the White Walkers tackled him into the frigid water. When he jolted out, he reached to grab Longclaw — and if you pay close attention, the direwolf's eye on the sword's hilt seems to open.

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

This would provide an answer for what initially seemed like a deus ex machina.

Did Bran Summon Uncle Benjen To Save Jon?

Many viewers believe that the Longclaw effect was just the reflection of Jon's hand, but others are under the impression that the detail is much more significant — especially since the camera is focused on the hilt before Jon emerges from the water.

The most popular theory is that eye change could mean that Bran was "warging" into the sword — but let's take it a step further. What if Bran was the one to alert Uncle Benjen that Jon was in danger?

This would explain why Benjen unexpectedly showed up just in time to save his nephew. Unless Benjen was at the Wall when Gendry came with the message, how would he possibly have known where to go?

This theory carries extra weight considering how Longclaw became a topic of conversation between Jon and Jorah. Jon initially received the Valyrian steel sword from Jeor Mormont as a reward, even changing the bear hilt to a direwolf. Since the sword belongs to House Mormont, Jon offered to give it back to Jorah — but Jorah refused, explaining that he is not a suitable owner considering his history; he wants Jon to keep it and pass it down to his future children. Why would the writers include this conversation unless Longclaw were a major plot point?

Benjen, who cannot return to Winterfell due to a spell carved into the Wall preventing the dead from passing — he was stabbed by an ice sword but saved by the Children of the Forest using dragonglass — has already came to the rescue of Bran and Meera, and claimed that he got the message from the three-eyed raven. So, do we have the three-eyed raven (a.k.a. Bran) to thank for Benjen's arrival in helping Jon?

We'll likely find out next Sunday during the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale on HBO.

Do you think Bran alerted Uncle Benjen or is there another explanation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Do you think Longclaw's eyes have anything to do with Benjen?


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