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The thing with a show like — where actors either walk around looking sweaty from traversing a fire, or dirty and disheveled from spending most of their lives on the road — is that it's always amazing to see them turn up on the red carpet dressed like proper humans. And since it's an excellent show, there's more than one occasion to marvel at how well they all clean up.

At this year's , besties and continued to inspire us with their lovely fashion style and confident poses. Channeling old school Hollywood glamour, Williams looked way beyond her 19 years in a silk pink gown and wavy hair, with a dark red lips that prevented the whole thing from looking too cheesy.

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It's been a winning streak for the young actress so far, after she stunned at the Golden Globes in a yellow dress that looked like it'd been pulled directly from Beauty and the Beast.

Let's also be very grateful we've moved far, far away from the over-plucking trend of the '00s, and revel in the flawless beauty of Williams's incredibly dense eyebrows:

Now that is how a girl does it.

What's your favorite Maisie Williams look on the red carpet?

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