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When you're putting together a multi-million dollar TV show like Game of Thrones, you've got to be prepared for your share of scrutiny from mega fans. And because we're now living in the world of HD and 4K resolution, fans are inspecting their TV sets closer than ever before, eager to pick out those hilarious goofs that make the final cut.

The latest episode of has already been called out for an over-zealous extra who appeared to be swiping at nothing during a fight scene, and now the internet has supposedly highlighted another goof. The mistake apparently came during the scene in which one of the "red shirts" falls off the edge of the small, rocky island and into a crush of wights. As the man falls you can see a white truck parked in the background, which — unfortunately for Gendry — is obviously not meant to be there.

But as funny as this mistake is — and how much the internet wants you to believe it — it's sadly not a screenshot from the episode itself, but actually from the behind-the-scenes featurette released on YouTube after the episode aired.

The 13 minute video explores the difficulties of shooting that frosty battle scene, and at the nine minute mark it focuses on the extra who fell into the group of wights. As the actor explains that he relied on the extras playing the wights to catch him after his epic 11 foot fall from the cliff, we see raw footage from the scene (including lighting rigs) and the white truck in the background:

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

However, in the episode itself we saw this scene play out from above, which is why you may have had trouble recalling the moment that mysterious truck appeared.

So, with seven seasons and 66 episodes of violent, saucy and top notch television under its belt, it doesn't look as though the Game of Thrones crew are dropping the ball just yet. But rest assured, the moment it does — or at least appears to — the internet will be there to tell you all about it.

Game of Thrones returns with the Season 7 finale on Sunday, August 27.

Were you fooled by the supposed goof in Game of Thrones?

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