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Speaking with Britain’s Daily Star, Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel decided it was time to talk about sex. You know, bumping uglies and failing to understand why it bothers so many viewers of the show.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if it’s too much for you then that’s fine. But in the books it’s very raw and real and that’s why a lot of people love the show. It’s not afraid to push the boundaries and make you feel shocked or angry. Sex is what we do as humans. It’s not anything alien, it’s just real. Especially at the time when the show is set – you would have had whores, it was kind of the done thing. The sex scenes make it realistic and authentic, it’s something the show does really well."

Did you guys realize that a lot of people were trashing the show's sex scenes? I may just be out in the dark a bit about this, but I honestly think that it's one of the many things to get people to watch the stellar show.

(via SFGate)

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