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Winter is here and so is Nymeria. One of the six direwolves adopted by the Stark children (including Jon Snow), Nymeria made a cameo in tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, an emotional reunion with Arya, and the fans of the show are going crazy on Twitter.

Nymeria made her previous appearance way back in the first season of the show. In Season 1, Episode 2, Nymeria attacked Joffrey to save Arya from him — and Cersei ordered Nymeria to be killed. Arya, concerned for Nymeria, let her direwolf free, forcing her to run off into the forest:

However, Nymeria has come back in the latest episode of Game Of Thrones and managed to cause quite a bit of stir on social media. Even though Nymeria eventually seemed to recognize Arya, the direwolf declined Arya's invitation to head back together. "It's not you," Arya says, understanding that Nymeria isn't meant to be a pet stuck in Winterfell.

Let's take a look at some of the best tweets down below:

Last week, the reunion between Aya and Nymeria was teased in the promo for this week's episode. Eagle-eyed fans caught onto it in a blink-and-you-miss-it scene and have been in anticipation ever since.

With four of the six direwolves are now deceased, Nymeria and Ghost are the only ones alive. Ghost has been by Jon Snow's side since Season 1. Hopefully Nymeria changes her mind before the White Walkers arrive.

Were you excited to see Nymeria back on Game Of Thrones? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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