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Sure, the Game Of Thrones characters might be rutting like murderous rabbits at every available opportunity, but apparently the same can't be said for audiences whose sex lives are reportedly as dead as Theon's peen while the show is being aired.

The font of wisdom that is Pornhub (no, seriously, their statistics are incredible) has recently dropped data revealing how its traffic flops when viewers are busy romping in Westeros and the dip is pretty drastic:

[Credit: Pornhub]
[Credit: Pornhub]

To put this stark correlation (sorry) into perspective, the only bigger drop in Game of Thrones and Pornhub's shared history occurred during the Season 6 finale, where the porn site lost a staggering 5.1 percent of viewers.

According to Pornhub publicist Chris Jackson, this is a huge downturn, especially because Sunday night is apparently fap night:

"That’s a considerable change in visitors as Sunday night is one of the most popular times for people to visit Pornhub.”

isn't the only cultural phenomenon that has interrupted the world's seemingly endless enthusiasm for a five knuckle shuffle, and some of the self-love stoppers are pretty surprising.

Fallout 4

[Credit: Pornhub]
[Credit: Pornhub]

When gaming giant Bethesda released the legendary role-play staple Fallout 4, Pornhub users were much more likely to immerse themselves in the fantasy world than their own warm palm.

According to the website's statisticians, the crossover between porn viewers and gamers is huge. This led to Pornhub losing a record 10 percent of viewers after the Fallout 4 release.

Fear not though aspiring porn moguls! Once that pesky installation and a few hours of game play were slotted in, fans flocked back to the digital flesh palace in their droves. According to a post on the Pornhub website:

"After midnight it seems like everyone finally took a break, and traffic jumped as high at 15 percent above daily norms."

The Women's March

[Credit: Pornhub]
[Credit: Pornhub]

Despite prevailing stereotypes, over a quarter of Pornhub's users are women, and unsurprisingly, being pushed to march for control over their reproductive rights doesn't get them in the mood.

During the Women's March, traffic dipped by an enormous 8.2 percent, the second largest drop in Pornhub history. While a lot of that number was probably women, here's hoping that there were also some male allies taking a day off to support them as people, as well as adult performers.

Which pop culture event is sure to tear you away from you porn viewing habits?

(Source: Pornhub (2), TNW)


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