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As we prepare to climb aboard the dragons for one last ride, production is heating up on the Ice and Fire saga that is HBO's Game of Thrones. With one of the best casts to ever grace modern television, the great and the good of thespian talent have all had their time to shine on the show. From lead actors like Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke to supporting legends like Charles Dance and Dame Diana Rigg, and even bit parts for stars such as Richard E. Grant and Jim Broadbent, Thrones has had them all.

With a solid cast still left kicking around the Seven Kingdoms, all the major players are locked in for one final season of blood and bastards. We have seen many famous faces meet their maker and shuffle off the mortal coil that is , but ahead of Season 8, the show is bringing in some new blood to round the saga off.

New Faces

Exclusively reported by Watchers on the Wall, their source give us the casting call for seven new roles in the final batch of six episodes. Most notably, the casting seems to confirm that the Golden Company will be a major factor in Season 8 with the show looking for an "unnamed" mercenary. While it isn't 100% confirmed, the character is almost certainly part of the infamous sellsword group. With that nautical nuisance Euron Greyjoy sailing off to collect the vicious fighters at the end of Season 7, fans are expecting the Golden Company to have some major screen time in the final season. The books see the group led by a man known as Harry Strickland, and while the casting description doesn't seem to fit his personality, the show could be reinventing Harry in its own way.

Elsewhere, showrunners Benioff and Weiss are hunting for a Northern farmer — 25 to 35 years old — who is a "straightforward honest man of simple tastes who works on the land." There is also a sassy and attractive girl — 18–25 years old — who will have to star alongside one of the main cast for a single (but memorable) scene. Could we have another buxom Ros on our hands? The final part from the North is a sentry — 18–25 years old — who will presumably keeping guard over Winterfell.

Across the seven kingdoms, the show is also casting a sailor — 35–50 years old — who is a "rough-and ready sea-faring type with a weathered face and strong presence" and almost certainly one of the Ironborn. With Theon, Yara, and Euron all still alive and kicking, the sailor is most likely a member of one of their crews, but we could also be heading back to Pyke for a final turn. Finally, Thrones is actively looking for two guards to make up part of the South. Guard No. 1 is specified to be in his 20s , physically fit, and good in a fight, while guard No. 2 is a tall and thin white male, who will have some interaction with the main cast and will be required to shoot in Spain.

Interestingly, the dates on the casting call confirm that filming for Season 8 will be taking place in Spain at the start of November. This means we will presumably be spending time in the South for whatever scenes are there, possibly a return to Horn Hill, Meereen, or the Tower of Joy, which were previously filmed in Spain. While we still don't know how major these parts will be, anyone who is anyone would be lucky to nab a role in Game of Thrones Season 8.

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(Source: Watchers on the Wall)


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