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Will Wharton

I love King Joffrey. I don't understand why he receives the flak that he does, the poor kid is a victim of incest and parental corruption.

Despite having similar disadvantages, Justin Bieber has managed to garner an army of loyal fans. For poor Joff though, turns out there's only haters.

So, it was with a modicum of horror and more than a little sadness that I discovered HBO was hosting a event on Twitter a few weeks back.

Fans turned out in their millions to tweet rude/obnoxious/cruel/unsympathetic comments towards the boy king who's done nothing to receive the bile launched at him by fans.

HBO have helpfully summarized the action in an hilarious (if you're cruel) video that showcases a sample of the best (meanest) insults the ravens brought to King's Landing.

Any laughter and I'm telling Mother:



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