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The first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7 continue to give fans many great moments as the epic saga of Westeros unfolds. One of the best parts of this season by far is that all the pieces are falling into place and characters are coming together for the first time in years. During Sunday's recent episode, we got one of the most heartfelt reunions in the show’s history: Arya's return to Winterfell and the official reunion of the Stark family.

Note: heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, “The Spoils of War."

During the episode “The Queen’s Justice," Bran finally returned to his home of Winterfell and was reunited with his sister, Sansa. While Bran’s return was a great moment, Arya was still the one member of the Stark family who hadn’t returned home. Thankfully, in Episode 4, “The Spoils of War,” Arya finally made her way back to Winterfell, and all the surviving Stark children were together again.

Through the course of the series, it seemed that the Stark family was cursed, as circumstances beyond their control tore the family further apart. But Season 7 has shown us that each one of the remaining Stark children have an important role to play, and that required gaining the skills to fulfill their true purpose before being reunited at Winterfell. Now the real work begins.

The Stark Family Reunion Is Finally Complete

After being thoroughly hounded by guards at the gates of Winterfell, Arya convinced the sentries to fetch Lady Sansa. Once inside the walls of Winterfell, Arya took a few moments where she sat and took in the surroundings of her childhood home. Although she has gotten very good at suppressing her emotions, it was obvious that being back in Winterfell was something she was having a hard time coping with.

Arya then snuck away from the guards, who were baffled by her disappearance. Sansa was then informed by the guards that Arya — or someone claiming to be Arya — had arrived, and she immediately knew where her sister had run off to. Sansa made her way to the crypt of Winterfell where Arya was standing stoically looking at the tomb of Ned Stark. The sisters were finally reunited for the first time since they were separated in King’s Landing.

At first, Sansa and Arya were a bit standoffish, but after a few brief words, the two embrace each other. Sansa and Arya were a bit measured in their conversation, and given that the two have been through lot since they last met, it made sense that their reunion wasn’t a jovial occasion. Although the sisters didn’t convey a lot of emotion, it was still a heart-wrenching reunion and one that was befitting both of the badass ladies of House Stark.

After they had their moment alone, Sansa told Arya that Bran had returned home too, and Arya’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Arya and Sansa met with Bran at the weirwood tree in the Godswood of Winterfell, when Arya quickly learned that Bran was not the brother she once knew.

After the three Starks had a brief conversation — mostly recapping plot points a.k.a. important details from their lives in previous seasons — Bran gave Arya the Valyrian steel dagger that Littlefinger gave him at the beginning of the episode. Then, in one of the most touching moments of this season, Podrick spots the three Starks together and tells Brienne: "Catelyn Stark would be proud. You kept your vow."

Fans React To The Stark Family Reunion

Game of Thrones fans were ecstatic when Arya returned to Winterfell, and they couldn’t maintain all the feels that the reunion evoked. They quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions:

The children who bear the Stark name are together again. While the viewers of the show have known about each character’s individual journeys, seeing Sansa and Arya reunited for the first time after seasons apart made it very clear how much each one of the Stark children had changed. Soon, their cousin-brother Jon Snow will get to see his family again — which will be another huge reunion moment for the show without a doubt.

Game of Thrones Season 7 keeps getting better, especially since it's moving the plot in directions fans have wanted to see for years. At this rate, Season 7 is on track to be one of the best of the series; we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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