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Game Of Thrones viewers have been used to the show taking things slow for the past six years, but that hasn't been the case with seventh season at all. Since premiering last month, Season 7 of the hit HBO fantasy series has been moving incredibly quickly and each episode has been jaw-dropping in its own significant way. From the season premiere — when Daenerys Targaryen finally arrived in Westeros — to Olenna Tyrell's bitter farewell, we have been treated to many incredible moments so far, and we're only five episodes in.

Last week's episode of blew us all away (quite literally) when Daenerys rode Drogon into battle to exact revenge on the Lannisters, and it was oh-so-sweet to watch. After losing our minds at the sheer awesomeness of the episode, fans have left been wondering what exactly the show had in store for Bronn and Jaime as their fates were left rather ambiguous.

Tonight's episode continued the trend of heart-racing moments and left us gasping for another installment of the series. Before we look ahead at what's coming, let's take a look back at the biggest moments from "Eastwatch."

Note: this post contains heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5.

1. Daenerys's Ultimatum

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Tonight's episode saw the Mother of Dragons addressing the remaining living Lannister and Tarly soldiers, after exacting her revenge on the Lannisters for extinigushing her Tyrell allies Addressing them from atop a large rock, Dany told them how she wasn't here to murder innocent civilians. Instead, she gave them the chance to repent for serving the enemy, telling them that hey could join her by bending the knee. If they should resist, she promised that they would die — something that Tyrion was a little unsure about.

Ultimately it was Randyll and Dickon Tarly who refused to bend the knee, and as a result Dany had Drogon burn them alive. Tyrion wasn't pleased, that's for sure!

2. Drogon And Jon Bond

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Last week, Daenerys was ready to ride her dragons to the Red Keep and burn it to the ground after hearing about the loss of her Dornish support as well as Olenna's death. However, the Dragon Queen took some advice from Jon and, instead, she rode Drogon into battle to exact revenge on her enemies, leaving the innocent civilians out of it (which is something that Cersei should probably learn to do). As expected, Daenerys returned home in tonight's episode, riding Drogon back to Dragonstone.

As the dragon landed on the Dragonstone beach, Jon looked on in awe as the Mother of Dragons dismounted from her favorite child. However it appeared that Drogon found Jon equally as mesmerizing, as the giant dragon allowed the King in the North to get up close and personal. Jon petted Drogon and the dragon responded favorably.

3. Dany And Jorah Reunited

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Momets after discussing battle strategies with Jon Snow, a group of Dothraki soldiers approached Daenerys and Jon, telling their queen that an old friend had come back ro see her. The man stepped aside, revealing Ser Jorah Mormont. Daenerys was overcome with emotion and introduced him to Jon.

Her aged companion bended the knee, asking if he could serve her once more. Dany agreed, telling him that it would be her honor to have him back. The two then shared an emotional moment. It definitely hit us right in the feesl!

4. Gendry's Return

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Arguably the biggest moment from tonight's episode happened during Ser Davos's visit to King's Landing. The Onion Knight paid a visit to Fleebottom in the hopes of finding an old friend. However, when he visited a blacksmith's parlor, it became obvious who he was looking for.

Yes, you guessed it: Gendry, king Robert Baratheon's bastard son, has finally returned! Davos took the young man back to Dragonstone where he introduced him to Jon Snow. The two characters bonded immediately and Gendry decided he wanted to go to Eastwatch with Jon. I don't know about you, but we're delighted that Gendry is back!

5. Cersei's Pregancy

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

After Jaime met with Tyrion to discuss the possibility of a meeting between Dany and Cersei, Jaime met with the queen to discuss his rendezvous with his brother. Jaime relayed this information to Cersei, telling her that Daenerys wants them to agree to fight together when the White Walkers come.

Shockingly, Cersei practically agreed to the terms, stating that they should keep their enemies close. Afterwards, Cersei promised Jaime that they would defeat their enemies for the sake of their unborn baby. Yes, Cersei is pregnant. Jaime got emotional and Cersei promised that this time everyone would know that he's the father.

As the credits rolled on tonight's episode, the harsh reality hit home: we've only got two episodes of Game of Thrones left before the hit HBO series goes on hiatus for possibly two years before returning for its final season. With Dany and Jon's connection growing stronger, perhaps the two will be able to band together and defeat the White Walkers and take out Cersei at the same time.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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