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With so much selection in today's day and age, it's rare to find a television series that everyone watches. From network and cable television to streaming services, there's more than enough choices to fit everyone's personal tastes. However, HBO drama Game Of Thrones is without a doubt the biggest show in the world and, whether you're in a conversation with your best friends or a mutual acquaintance, chances are the HBO series will come up in conversation.

Game Of Thrones returned to screens for its seventh season last month and since then, the series has continued to break records. Despite episode leaks and fan theories rampant online, the fantasy drama pulled in a ridiculous amount of viewers week on week and this week's season finale was no different. Sunday night's extended installment of brought in 12.1 million viewers. And, according to HBO, when views on streaming service HBO Go and HBO Now app were included, the finale had 16.5 million viewers.

The Most Watched Episode Yet

Each year, Game Of Thrones has become more and more popular, with more people discovering the series while it's on hiatus. From iTunes digital sales to DVD and Blu-ray sales, previous seasons of often re-enter the charts when its time for a new season to air. Because Thrones is aired on HBO, which is a premium cable network, fans have to subscribe to HBO to be able to view the show, meaning they have to be willing to pay extra. However, despite this, the show brings in record breaking ratings year after year.

It's rather remarkable to look back the previous season finales of Game Of Thrones and see how the fantasy drama continues to increase in popularity year after year. The series first hit screens back in 2011 and the first season concluded with a respectable 3 million. The second season finale pulled in 4.2 million, while the third season increased to 5.4 million. After the controversial penultimate episode of Season 3 raised interest, the fourth season saw a rise in viewers and eventually culminated with an impressive 7.1 million. The fifth season finale pulled in 8.1 million, while the sixth season pulled in 8.89 million viewers. As impressive as these numbers are, the fact that the seventh season finale managed a whopping 12.1 million viewers is a testament to how incredible the seventh season has been.

There's no denying that Game Of Thrones is the biggest show and television and the viewership is a reflection of this. Season 7 may have come to a conclusion but we've still one more season of the fantasy drama left. However, with a longer hiatus in store, who knows how many viewers will tune in for Season 8? One thing's for sure: We can't wait to find out!

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