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The upcoming seventh season of is without a doubt the most anticipated event of the year. With Cersei the reigning queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys headed for Westeros and Jon Snow the king in the North, we cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapter in the hit fantasy saga.

HBO has kept all the details close to their chest about but we have been treated to two teaser trailers and a selection of photos showcasing where our favorite characters will be when the series returns in July.

However, our excitement has just hit new levels as Entertainment Weekly unveiled a new image from Season 7, featuring Daenerys riding into battle on one of her dragons. However, it's not just the battle that has us screaming Dracarys; it's the fact that Drogon has grown significantly since the last time we saw him. Check out the fiery image below:

[Credit HBO via EW]
[Credit HBO via EW]

Last we saw Daenerys, she left Daario Neharis and her beloved city of Mereen to venture across the Narrow Sea in the hope of taking the Seven Kingdoms, which she believes are rightfully hers. I'd like to see anyone argue with the Khaleesi of the the Dothraki people because, by the looks of things, anyone that opposes her will feel the wrath of Drogon.

Dany's three dragons — Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon — were an admirable size in the Season 6 finale when they saved Meereen and ventured across the Narrow Sea, so this new image is incredibly shocking; I guess it adds fuel to the Westerosi myth that dragons never stop growing. Cersei Lannister had better watch out, because Daenerys is on her way to take back what is rightfully hers!

Game of Thrones Season 7 begins on HBO July 16th. Are you excited to see Daenerys and her ever growing dragons in Season 7? Tell us in the comments below.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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