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*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season 7. Major spoilers for that matter*

In Game of Thrones, The Known World is saturated with wildly intriguing characters. Part of the allure of the hit TV show lies with its ensemble, a rich, varied collection of murderous, conniving, well-natured and kind-hearted personalities all vying to be fan favorites, adding to the narrative in both individual and interconnected story arcs.

In the beginning, many key players were scattered miles apart across Westeros and Essos, but as seasons pass by, the distance between them has reduced. As a fan of the show, there's nothing more exciting than a meeting between two favorites, such as Tyrion joining forces with Daenerys last season, or Sansa and Jon Snow finally reuniting.

Daenerys and Tyrion met last season [Credit: HBO]
Daenerys and Tyrion met last season [Credit: HBO]

There are however still some big names who are yet to meet. Earlier, we reported that Bran, Arya and Jon could be reunited next season. Now, in true Game of Thrones spoilerific style, one unbearably exciting meeting has been spotted on Instagram by fansite Watchers on the Wall: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Daenerys. And. Jon. In Season 7. That's next season. The true Song of Ice and Fire? Perhaps.

Daenerys And Jon Meeting Will Have Big Consequences

Aside from the base-level awesomeness of seeing Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington share the screen, the pair's union will have drastic consequences. Spotted on the Basque Islet (although it sounds like some medieval torture device, an Islet is like an Island, but smaller) of Gaztelugatxe, in the filmed footage, Jon Snow approaches Daenerys, and the two converse while starting intently at the horizon.

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Although the brief glimpse in itself doesn't reveal much, the confirmation in itself is enough to lay out some potential predictions based on theories about the ending of the show. In summary, there are a few potential options (it's worth noting the series is filmed out of order, so this moment could happen at any point in Season 7):

Jon and Daenerys will meet in Season 7
Jon and Daenerys will meet in Season 7
  • The fact Dany sees Jon alone is significant; could a big reveal have led to her feeling comfortable enough to talk one-on-one?
  • Will they unite to try and defeat Cersei?
  • Does this prove the epic three-year-old theory on the ending? If so, bad news for Drogon.
  • If so, it could also prove Jon Snow is the Prince That Was Promised.

A One-On-One Encounter And Threat To Cersei

The first question is why the two are alone. Neither would want to take risks, but Dany has more to lose in one-on-one combat, so events prior to this filmed footage must've reassured her.

Considering Bran is now privvy to the truth of Jon's parentage (and could meet Jon next season), could it be that the big Game of Thrones R+L=J secret has finally been revealed, and the pair meet knowing they are long lost relatives?

Bran may tell Jon of his parentage in season 7 [Credit: HBO]
Bran may tell Jon of his parentage in season 7 [Credit: HBO]

Such a reveal would only increase the incentive for a team-up to defeat the newly crowned Queen, Cersei Lannister. After all, it's the reason why Dany has travelled to Westeros, with Tyrion and the Greyjoys, Dornish, Meereenese and Tyrell fleets. In short, she has a commanding army in tow; if Jon were also to join, it'd be hard for King's Landing to resist an attack.

Is This Epic Three-Year-Old Theory On The Show's Ending Correct?

Stealing the throne from Cersei is going to be small fish by the time the White Walkers arrive. And their arrival is imminent. But with Winter coming, how are those in The Known World going to save themselves from eternal zombies and chill? The Prince That Was Promised, that's how.

Without going into George R. R. Martin level depth here, read the theory in all its glorious detail. In a nutshell, it states that Jon Snow and Dany will fall in love, Jon will turn out to be Azor Ahai, the chosen one resurrected to save the land from the White Walkers. However, the thorn in the side of the theory is that, in order to successful defeat them, Jon will betray Dany by binding Drogon to Winterfell.

The original theory has proven over time to be quite legit, and with the meeting of Jon and Dany, ticks another box on the list of predictions that have since been proven. Although exciting, it's equally tragic. But, after all, Martin did promise a bittersweet ending, right?


What will come of Jon and Dany's encounter?

(Source: Watchers on the Wall)


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