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The lovable bastard Jon Snow might have finally gotten a seat at the grown-up table in the Great Hall of Winterfell, but despite his sudden rise in rank, he's not the only King in the North right now. North of the Wall, there's someone even stronger, more ruthless and infinitely colder. The Night King has his ice blue eye(s) locked firmly on Westeros, and he's not showing any signs of wavering. At least, that's the image we get in the brand new animated poster for Season 7.

In the Season 7 trailer, we watched the camera pan out from an image of Cersei on the Iron Throne to show the Night King's glassy gaze. This time, we spot a tiny Jon Snow reflection trapped in the Night King's black pupil, and his own formidable face cast in shadow on a black background.The imagery doesn't really tell us anything new, but it raises the stakes in the rush to fight the Walkers. Jon Snow might know about the threat they pose, but now we're certain the Night King knows about the threat Snow poses to the Walkers.

All this concentration on Night King's eye draws on an old story that Old Nan used to tell Bran, about all the events of the world unfolding in the eye of a giant named Macumber. While it seems far-fetched that the events of Season 7 would be unfolding literally in the eye of anyone, both the promo and this new poster are not-so-subtly driving home the Night King's near omnipotence.

While those dwelling in the realms of men might be preoccupied with the two queens preparing to vie for the Iron Throne, the Night King sees all. The question is, what is it he wants? Is he truly out to bring an end to all humankind? We know that the White Walkers and the First Men were able to reach some sort of stalemate long ago, in the age of the Long Night and the Last Hero. Could this ever happen again?

Even if some sort of peace is reached in the end, we still have two whole seasons to go before that happens. And before things start to improve, it looks like they're going to get much, much darker first.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will return to HBO on July 16, 2017. If you haven't seen our promo-breakdown, check out the video below.

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