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With the Seven Kingdoms coming together once more and the Wicked Witch in the Westeros currently sitting pretty on the Iron Throne, it can only mean one thing: is returning. As the last two seasons of HBO's fantasy epic wind to a "chilly" conclusion, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are setting up 's Cersei Lannister to be the finale villain — well, apart from the hordes of frozen zombies, that is!

As we paw over the action-packed trailer for Season 7, there was an orgy of details to whet our appetites. However, instead of playing a game of "Where's Walder" as we try and figure out who is next for the chop, eagle-eyed fans have spotted an interesting detail that could be a huge spoiler for Cersei's impending fate (we have to assume it is a grisly demise).

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones


It has been a long-standing rumor that 's Jaime Lannister will take the notion of a "strangle wank" a little too far, and also be the one to kill his dearly beloved twin sister/lover by choking her to death. Following Cersei's dramatic attack on the Great Sept of Baelor at the close of Season 6, she became the unlikely successor to the Iron Throne and sported her black is the new black wardrobe. Even here, the camera panned just a little too long on Jaime's face, leading to the conclusion that even he will begin to question Cersei's vicious streak.

As for Cersei's death, we known it is one that has been in the cards from a very young age. For those who aren't up to date, a young Cersei was given a prophecy by a fortune teller known as Maggy the Frog. The blonde lioness was given a pretty grim fate, because as well as becoming queen (tick) and burying all of her children (tick), Cersei would have the life "choked" from her by the hands of the "valonqar" (Valyrian for little brother).

At one point it looked like her younger brother Tyrion would be the one to do the deed, but with Cersei popping out of their mother just before Jaime, he is also technically a valonar. As 's first novel in the series says:

“He came into this world holding my foot, our old maester said."

What Are Brothers For?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Going back to the trailer and our first of many Season 7 Easter Eggs, you may remember the scene showing Cersei and Jaime surveying a large map of the realm. Just as we see Daenerys looking over the great painted table at Dragonstone, we can assume that Cersei is plotting her army's next move. However, the placement of both Cersei and Jaime has led to wildfire rumors that once again spark his involvement in her death.

Redditor Wyldfyre-Quinn notes that Cersei is standing at the narrow stretch of marshy swampland known as "The Neck," while Jaime stands in line with rocky peninsulas known as "The Fingers." Read Maggy's prophecy back and ding ding ding, we have a winner:

“When your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

Fingers and hands aren't quite the same, but the use of neck is a clear comparison. Given that Season 5 so graciously gave us the Maggy the Frog scene, it is a fair bet that it won't just become another Lady Stoneheart element from Martin's books that will be cast aside by the show. Up until recently, Game of Thrones rarely resorted to flashback scenes, but so far, each has had a huge consequence for the rest of the show.

Some would be willing to spend a night with Ramsay Bolton just to get some clues about the identity of the valonqar, and Season 7 just gave us the best one yet. So, is the map just a random coincidence, or should we keep our tinfoil hats on just a little bit longer? With only 13 episodes of the acclaimed show left, it is definitely a when, and not if, we see Headey's pale neck splutter her last acid-barbed insult.

Check out the Season 7 trailer for Game of Thrones and don't forget our poll below!


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