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There is only a month left until Beric Dondarrion lights up his sword, Dany finally steps foot in Westeros, and Bran gets a shiny new set of wheels, so consider the hype heating up like a Baratheon BBQ. As the show enters its penultimate season, all bets are off and it looks like the remnants of the living in Westeros are either moving toward the capital or heading to cooler climes.

Over the first two action-packed trailers, we have been given more than enough spoilers and theories to fill a book of our own, but now some clever person has woven the whole tapestry together. Giving us the footage in what hope to be chronological order, it tells a whole new story for Season 7. While it is nothing that we haven't seen before, be warned, there could be some major spoilers ahead.

Time And Again

Appearing on the Free Folk Reddit — the little brother of the more popular main Thrones thread — someone has painstakingly pieced the puzzle together so you don't have to. Going off the various we have seen floating around, Reddit user faafp has crafted their own version of the promos. This certainly looks like a pretty good fit for how the season will actually pan out, so let's take a look.

Interestingly, the HBO release started with a brooding Sansa leaving the Godswood, while the new edit ends with her scowling into the distance. It is suggested that this season will either see a wrongful pairing of Sansa and Littlefinger, or that the fiery red-head will have him executed when his schemes finally unravel. Either way, this Godswood scene is sure to mean something big for the Stark heiress.

Elsewhere, we get a better understanding of the doomed sea battle between Daenerys and Euron Greyjoy, which also teases grim fates for Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy. The trailer has the pair locking lips, shortly before their fleet of ships explodes in a blaze of bad news. Although it looks like cockless Theon makes it out in one piece, don't count on Ellaria and Yara being so lucky.

We then cut to an army marching through the streets of King's Landing to rapturous applause, followed by a visit to the newly redecorated Lannister throne room and a sombre meeting with Cersei. We have already seen a shot of Ellaria in chains alongside that zombified Mountain, and it looks like big bad Euron will be presenting the Queen of Dorne and his niece as gifts to Cersei — should we prepare for some more Shame Nun torture and a gruesome demise for the duo?

It's Grim Up North

Most notably though, we see the snowy backdrop of the Wall get some much-needed clarification. There is a great shot of Bran possibly coming to the rescue with his horde of warged ravens, and things look decidedly grim for Jon's suicide mission. Thankfully, the trailer hones in on that incredible shot of Richard Dormer lighting up Beric's flaming sword mid-battle, but has the godfather of resurrection finally run out of lives?

There are sure to be some major casualties the other side of the Wall, accompanied by some classic Thrones twists in which no one is safe (well, maybe Jon). Although we don't expect Benioff and Weiss to kill off the likes of Tormund, Gendry, AND the Hound, we are still left puzzled about what happens here. The last shot of Jon Snow sees him riding to safety on what appears to be Uncle Benjen's horse. The trailer does then show the Hound in the dragon pits, but how the hell does he get there? After the White Walkers attacked Hardhome, there isn't actually an abundance of horses north of the Wall, and escaping an army of wights is no mean feat. Could Jon's surviving companions head further south on the back of Dany's dragons?

Either way, faafp deserves some major upvotes for this one, and set to Ramin Djawadi's haunting "Light of the Seven," this edit is arguably even better than what HBO offered us. If the network needs a hand editing Season 8's promo footage, perhaps they should get faafp on the phone. While we digest the dragons and dangers of the new season ahead of the premiere, prepare for Benioff and Weiss to put the ice and the fire in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

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