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Is there actually any difference between heading to your local cinema to watch the latest blockbuster and tuning in to every week? Nope. The huge budget of each episode of Season 7 of Game Of Thrones meant that we've had so many incredible moments, from huge battles full of corpses, to gorgeous panoramas, to dragons. Mostly dragons. You wouldn't be alone in now believing that dragons exist, after the magic and trickery of the VFX companies working on Game Of Thrones have created images so seamless you'd be forgiven for thinking these giant flying lizards were real.

Lots of green spandex onesies and who knows how many hours of hard work has brought us some of the best CGI ever seen on . This reel shows how some of the incredible shots from "Beyond The Wall" were created, mixing armies of undead, observant White Walkers, and dragons to create one of the most impressive battles in the history of Westeros. Practical effects combine with CGI throughout the the shots — dozens of no doubt freezing cold extras are joined by dozens more computer animated bodies.

The reel, posted by Spanish FX company El Ranchito, breaks down the layers of each shot, so you can see what they are composed of. Here are Jon Snow and the crew stuck in the middle of the frozen lake whilst the army of the dead approaches. You can see how the different layers of the shot are made up, combined, and polished for absolute realism.

[Credit: El Ranchito]
[Credit: El Ranchito]

The resurrection of Viserion by the Night King was the wrenching crux of the sixth episode — and set up the descension of the army of the dead on Westeros for the next season. Here you can see Viserion transform from a green and red dotty model into a legit colossal scaly corpse, whilst actor Vladimír Furdík is altered to include his icy stare.

[Credit: El Ranchito]
[Credit: El Ranchito]

With the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones possibly airing as late as 2019, videos like this show us the amount of time and effort that goes in to every frame of Game Of Thrones. Creating a hyper-realistic fantasy world is no small feat, and it's thanks to companies like El Ranchito that the finished product looks as good as it does. The inevitable full scale battle between the living and the dead may top every GoT battle to date, but we're going to have to wait for it.

What are your predictions for Season 8?

(Source: El Ranchito)


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