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The sixth season of broke records and left viewers with two of the greatest episodes ever produced as well as a series of cliffhangers. Now, after keeping us in suspense for nearly a year, finally revealed last week that the seventh season of the popular fantasy drama will premiere on July 16th, 2017.

It is a known fact that will consist only of seven episodes, deviating from the standard ten that all of the previous seasons have had. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been tightlipped about how many episodes the eighth and final season will have but that all changed at a SXSW panel for the HBO drama on Sunday. Benioff told the audience:

“It’s only going to be six episodes for the final season...From the beginning we’ve wanted to tell a 70-hour movie. It will turn out to be a 73-hour movie, but it’s stayed relatively the same of having the beginning, middle and now we’re coming to the end. It would have been really tough if we lost any core cast members along the way, I’m very happy we’ve kept everyone and we get to finish it the way we want to”

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A Shortened Final Season

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Benioff and Weiss have made no apologies in the past for the truncated length of the upcoming final seasons, arguing that the story of the HBO series is rapidly coming to a close. The Season 6 finale pretty much set the wheels in motion for an all out war. As Cersei reigns as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, she's set to face some pretty fierce competition in Season 7 with Daenerys on her way to Westeros and Jon Snow the reigning King in the North. Moreover, Winter has finally arrived in Westeros and the White Walkers are on their way, so things are set to get pretty bleak for all involved.

It's clear that the story is preparing to enter its final chapter so a tighter final season is a good call. heavily relies on source material and, unlike shows like The Walking Dead or Grey's Anatomy, there is no possibility of a deviation or a new chapter — Thrones has one clear story arc and that story is heading toward its inevitable conclusion in . For a show like Game Of Thrones, its better to go out on a high instead of overstaying your welcome like so many great shows that have come before. Either way, we'll be devastated when it does end.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its seventh season on July 16th.


How do you feel about a six episode final season of 'Game Of Thrones'?

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