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The Azure Window is no more. Early in the morning on March 8th, (around 3am local time) a terrible storm hit the small Maltese archipelago. Although many were woken by the cascade of lightning and thunder this storm brought with it, no one gave it much thought. It was only in the morning, however, when the first people were heading out for work that the real extent of the storm's damage was realized — the Azure Window had vanished!

What Happened?

Many of the locals (myself included) had known for years that some day this beautiful natural formation (that stood at an impressive 91 feet tall) would someday succumb to the same nature that created it and vanish into the sea below. However, very few believed that this phenomenon would happen in our lifetime and even if it were to fall, the arch would vanish but the pillar would remain. When that first photo appeared, showing not only the arch but also the pillar gone, many of us believed it a joke — an extremely early April Fool’s day prank.

However, when news network headline began to say the same thing, and hundreds of islanders flocked to the location to see for themselves, our fears were slowly confirmed. It had all disappeared into the sea. It-Tieqa tad-Dwejra — as the Azure Window was called in Maltese — was a Unesco World Heritage Site and jewel now lost forever from the world and from the film industry.

Why The Azure Window Was Important To Film History

So, why would such sad news of eroding rocks interest you? Any true fan of Game of Thrones would instantly recognize the location as the site where the iconic Dothraki Wedding took place. It was here, in front of that window, that Daenerys started on her journey to become Mother of Dragons. Check out the scene below:

Game of Thrones was not the only series filmed here. The Azure Window also made an appearance in the miniseries, The Odyssey (1997) as well as a number of notable films such as the The Clash of the Titans (1981) and the 2002 remake of the Count Of Monte Christo. The naturally bizarre appearance of this freestanding window was truly like something out of a Tolkien novel. So, it comes to no surprise that its use in these films gave it a more fantastical but real depth than if an artificial CGI backdrop were used.

'Clash of the Titans' [Credit: United Artists]
'Clash of the Titans' [Credit: United Artists]

While to many this may seem like nature and time taking its course, it is still a profoundly somber time to come to the Maltese islands or to be a Game of Thrones fan, for now Daenerys cannot return to the place that started it all. Only if you were fortunate enough to see the Azure Window in person, to feel the treacherous wind blow through your hair and watch as the hungry sea crashed through its arch will you know what a magnificent creation was lost. Cherish those memories well, for now they are irreplaceable.

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