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One thing that the world of Game of Thrones is known for is its expansive, and expensive, land of Westeros. With the average episode costing upward of $6 million, anyone would think that the giant Iron Throne is actually made of gold. With CGI dragons looming across the sky and every week containing some lavish wedding or mass fight, 's glorious epic certainly doesn't skimp on production values.

Away from Drogo and dragons, is also known for its many (many) deaths, which in themselves can't be cheap to muster. Coming up with new and exciting ways to dispatch of the various actors is a challenge in itself, let alone funding the thing. But just who had the show's most expensive death scene?

Arya Ready?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Well, in a twist that even the Three-eyed Raven couldn't foresee, Game of Thrones' most expensive death belongs to pedophile pervert Meryn Trant. You may remember that Ian Beatie's bearded bastard bowed out in a spectacularly bloody fashion at the end of Season 5. Disguised as a brothel worker, Arya Stark put her time at the House of Black and White to good use, swapping faces and launching a surprise attack on Trant. Stabbing out his eyes, shoving his mouth with his own clothes, then slowly slitting his throat, it was certainly a bloodbath, but the most expensive, really? Check it out below:

Apparently it involved some serious coin from the Bank of Braavos, mainly due to the technical aspect of making it look realistic. Speaking at 2017's SXSW Festival in Texas, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were in attendance; in regard to the show's most expensive death being Trant, Benioff simply stated:

“She couldn’t really poke out his eyes.”

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Presumably it involved some pretty major prosthetic work, along with the buckets of blood. Personally, I would've thought that the iconic golden crown scene for Viserys, or including a horde of White Walkers to claw Hodor to death would have cost the most. Elsewhere, the sheer scale that went into Joffrey's demise for the Purple Wedding, or Kraznys mo Nakloz being burned alive by Drogon wouldn't give you much change from your $6 mill. Obviously, deaths like Ned Stark's can't have cost that much — all you had to do was swing a sword and roll a hairy melon down a hill.

Trant's death would certainly win the award for one of the most graphic deaths, but at least it meant Lil' Arya crossed another name off her dwindling kill list. Stay tuned in the summer, when the cast returns, and the angry assassin is sure to strike down a few more of her foes.

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