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Thinking back to the first episode of stirs up feelings of wistful nostalgia. It was a simpler time: All the Starks and Jon Snow were together at Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy was a little annoying, but generally harmless and unharmed, everyone had a direwolf pup in perfect health. You would think that the show's creators, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, would also look back on that brief, happy moment with fondness. Alas, it appears that the pilot episode contained their least favorite scene in the entire series!

This past Sunday at , Benioff and Weiss appeared on a panel along with Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner to chat about . That's where they revealed their disdain for a particularly cringey clip.

Watch the odd little scene filled with shirtless men below.

In a show that's never been shy about having its female characters bare it all, this is one of the few instances of men being nude for no reason. But beyond showcasing these three sizzlin' beefcakes, the scene really didn't add any value or characterization to the story. *sigh*

Benioff explained:

"There’s a scene in the pilot that might be the worst scene we’ve ever written — probably the most embarrassing — with the Stark boys and Jon Snow and Theon. They’re all shaving each other — like getting their haircut. And they were all shirtless, and it’s like, 'Wait, why is this in here?' And the only reason it was in there [is because there] was no continuity between scenes in the pilot where their beards are all different [due to how much the actors had grown from when the pilot first started shooting to when it was re-shot a year later]. And if you look closely, you could tell they were all flexing because they’re shirtless. They’re all flexing their abs."

If you thought that the babes in this shot were sporting a dewy post-work-out glow, you'd be right. Weiss revealed their little secret:

"They were all doing crunches all day between takes."

Watch the clip again with Benioff and Weiss's commentary.


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