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Game of Thrones Season 7 just gave us its shortest episode ever, but it contained perhaps the single biggest moment — at least, where dragons are concerned. Last week, the Lannister army took High Garden, and struck a huge blow to the Mother of Dragons. With her back to the wall, Daenerys decided to pull out the big guns, and fans were treated to one of the most epic battles in the show’s history.

Note: heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4, titled “The Spoils of War," follow.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4 was filled with heart-wrenching reunions and great moments. However, the end of the episode was an absolute spectacle. After exploring the dragonglass mines of Dragonstone, Daenerys was told that the Unsullied had taken Casterly Rock, but they had also lost Highgarden — as well as their ally, Lady Olenna Tyrell.

Enraged by the news, Daenerys almost attacked King’s Landing directly, but took a moment to seek council from Jon Snow. After Jon dissuaded Daenerys from a strategy of “melt castles and burn cities,” she set her sights on the Lannister army, with the help of her trusty dragon, Drogon ... and it was glorious.

Daenerys Unleashes Drogon On The Lannister Army

Over the last few seasons, we have seen Daenerys’s dragons unleash their power, but we have never seen how effective they are during a land battle. In Game of Thrones Season 6, we saw all three dragons attack a naval fleet, but for the most part, Daenerys has not been involved to an all-out battle. Towards the end of “The Spoils of War," Daenerys finally rode Drogon into battle, and his true power was unbelievable.

In a battle that was reminiscent of Field Of Fire in the books (where Aegon the Conquer laid waste to the Lannister army), Daenerys attacked Jaime and his forces at the foot of Highgarden. The sound of hooves roared like thunder and the ground began to shake, as an army of Dothraki crested the hill to lay waste to the Lannister army. Jaime readied his men, but he was stopped dead in his tracks as Drogon appeared in the sky, mounted by Daenerys. Despite Bronn telling him to flee, Jamie stayed with his army and waged the futile battle.

Drogon laid waste to Lannister soldiers like they were made of paper, and the Dothraki took care of anyone who wasn’t turned to ash. Any doubts fans might have had about how the Targaryens took Westeros long ago were put to bed, as the sheer power of Drogon was realized. Not only were his size and fire formidable, but the speed at which he attacked was amazing.

Daenerys made several passes on the Lannister army, making sure to climb high in the sky to avoid any stray arrows that might hit her on her mount. Drogon seemed unstoppable, until Bronn made his way to the giant “surface to air” arrow launcher, and managed to pierce the dragon’s underarm. After floundering for a bit, the dragon destroyed the weapon and then landed. In a last-ditch effort, Jamie tried to attack Daenerys and was almost killed by Drogon's fire.

Although Drogon was injured, the battle was already won; the Lannister army was decimated — and mostly turned to ash. This battle is easily one of the best in Game of Thrones history, and gave fans a glimpse of just how formidable Daenerys's forces are ... and she only used one of her three dragons.

If she wanted to, Daenerys could lay waste to King’s Landing, but luckily for Cersei, the Mother of Dragons does not want to be the queen of the ashes. The loss at Highgarden was a huge blow to Cersei’s forces, but we still have three episodes left, and there are still many battles to be fought.

Maybe Cersei will find a better way to combat the dragons, but for now, we have seen the sheer power of Drogon in battle, and he seems almost unstoppable.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM/ET on HBO.

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