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The seventh season of Game Of Thrones has been on fire (sometimes quite literally) since it began airing last month. Since its return, the HBO veteran drama has seen Daenerys arrive at Dragonstone, Lady Olenna go out in style and the destruction of Daenerys's Westerosi support at the hands of Queen Cersei. Last week's episode was a tough pill to swallow, as Jaime Lannister and his armies laid waste to the Tyrell dynasty, so we were expecting big things going into this week's installment — and we weren't disappointed.

No one was prepared for the heart-racing, jaw-dropping and all round exhilarating episode of that aired tonight on . Arguably the strongest hour of the fantasy series yet, the fourth episode (titled "The Spoils of War") saw Daenerys get some revenge on the Lannisters, and it was oh-so-sweet. If you've managed to pick your jaws back up from the floor, let's take a look at the 5 biggest moments that tonight's had to offer.

Note: this post contains heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4.

1. Arya Comes Home To Winterfell

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

When it comes to reunions on Game Of Thrones, nobody does it quite like the Starks. From Sansa reuniting with Jon at Castle Black last season to Bran getting reacquainted with Sansa last week (although we wouldn't call that one particularly heartfelt), we've been treated to several, so you can imagine our surprise when we there was not one, but two more Stark reunions in tonight's episode.

After hearing that Jon was the King in the North several episodes ago, Arya headed straight to Winterfell. Tonight, she arrived at the gates of her home and tricked the guards into letting her inside. Once inside, the young Stark girl was reunited with her big sister Sansa, and the pair had a somewhat awkward moment together, but the affection was present when Arya gave Sansa two hugs.

Then, just when you thought things couldn't get any more awkward after last week's episode, Sansa took Arya to see Bran. Arya gave Bran a big hug and, although he reciprocated the embrace, his expression barely changed. Much like her sister in the previous episode, Arya was a little taken aback by Bran's lack of emotion.

2. Jon Shows Daenerys The Dragonglass Cave

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

After they finally met on screen in last week's episode, we've already started shipping Daenerys and Jon as a couple — and, after tonight's installment, it looks like we might get our wish someday. Jon took Dany into the cave that lies beneath her Dragonstone stronghold. Upon entering, the Khaleesi was stunned to see the glittering walls and ceiling; the cave was full of dragonglass, just like Jon had said.

Jon gently took hold of Dany's arm and led her further into the cave, showing her the paintings on the wall — he explained to her that the paintings were left courtesy of the Children of the Forest and, as they went in further, Dany was shocked to see images of the White Walkers painted on the cave walls.

Jon explained that the First Men and the Children of the Forest worked together to defeat the walkers, and they need to do the same. Dany softened and told the King in the North that she will fight alongside him if he swallows his pride and bends the knee. Let's hope Jon takes her advice because with the White Walkers headed their way, he'll need what Dany has to offer.

3. Daenerys Gets Her Revenge

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

Jaime and Bron finished up at Highgarden and headed back to King's Landing. However, Bron heard something approaching and it was enough to unsettle him. As the soldiers became silent, a horde of Dothraki soldiers on horseback came over the hillside and speeded towards the Lannister men. The Tarly men set up a perimeter, using their shields in the hopes of keeping the horde at bay. Bron warned Jaime to head back to King's Landing, but Jaime was adamant that they could handle the Dothraki horde.

Then, in one of the most spine-tingling moments we've ever seen on Game Of Thrones (and on television, for that matter), Drogon came soaring out of the clouds with Daenerys on his back. Daenerys wasted no time in uttering her famous word "Dracarys" and the dragon complied, lighting up the Tarly soldiers as Jaime and Bron looked on in horror.

It was certainly nice to see Daenerys get some revenge after Cersei and Jaime took out her armies in previous weeks. Good going, Dany — Lady Olenna would be proud!

4. Bron Hits Drogon With Qyburn's Crossbow

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

As Daenerys and her Dothraki horde got the upper hand on Jaime and his men, Jaime asks Bron to use Qyburn's scorpion — the dragon killing weapon the Queen's hand had built for Cersei. As Drogon circled, Bron unveiled the weapon for all to see and loaded it with a giant arrow. He shot a giant arrow at Drogon, but it missed. Dany, seemingly concerned about this new contraption, circled around and sent Drogon heading straight for Bron.

Dany lined Drogon up not far from Bron, saying "Dracarys" once more — but, before the dragon could unleash its fire, Bron's second attempt at using the contraption was successful and the arrow went straight into Drogon's right wing.

The dragon screamed in agony and fell, taking Dany with it. However, the attack wasn't enough to take the dragon out, as Drogon soon recovered, mere inches from Bron. Dany looked Bron in the eye and prepared her favorite dragon. Bros jumped out of the way before the flames could get him, but they succeeded in toasting Qyburn's contraption.

In one final attempt to make sure the dreaded weapon was no more, Drogon gave it a good thwack with his tail. Take that, Cersei!

5. Daenerys Vs. Jaime

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

After the arrow penetrated Drogon's wing, Daenerys hopped off the dragon to take a look at the damage. Much like she did in the fighting pits of Meereen back in Season 5, the Mother of Dragons proceeded to remove the arrow from Drogon, causing the animal to roar in pain again.

Just then, Jaime laid his eyes on Dany — and, in an attempt to repeat what he did to her father, he picked up a spear and headed straight for her. Tyrion looked on, calling his brother all of the expletives under the sun, knowing that Jaime had made an idiotic move.

Dany turned to see Jaime headed her way, but her beloved Drogon moved in front of her and Jaime realized that his fate had been sealed as Drogon prepared to shoot some more flames. However, Bron knocked Jaime off his horse just in the knick of time and both men went flying into the river. Jaime and Bronn floated away — their fates remaining unknown. Thank the Gods that this Kingslayer didn't become a Queenslayer.

That heart-racing episode has left us with so many questions and many of us are wondering if Jaime is still alive after narrowly missing the dragon flames. Moreover, if he is alive is he now Daenerys's prisoner?

Regardless, Cersei is now at a bit of a loss after Daenerys and Drogon's attack. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see what lies ahead for the Lannisters after the fallout of tonight's attack. One thing's for sure: Game Of Thrones deserves to be applauded because it just keeps getting better.

Game Of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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